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Multiple orgasms on bed video

Multiple orgasms on bed video
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"I do not think our views on radicalism differ. I think we both agree beheading prisoners is an atrocity."

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Multiple orgasms on bed video
Multiple orgasms on bed video

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Moogunos 7 months ago
Wow. You start on a lie and end with condescension.
Maum 7 months ago
What is Israel hurting to exist? Look how many Palestinian people agree to LIVE IN PEACE with the Israelis!!! Now look at Israel they just had a battle last night and are considering going back into Gaza and taking it over. Look at these people in Gaza- they are being starved and have no clean water because of the Palestinian government let Hamas take over it! When Israel left Gaza they had wells dig so these people would have water- what did Hamas do? They filled all the water wells with dirt! Look it up!!! What is Palestinian doing with all the money their bilking from these nations??? Well there paying terror attackers! This is why the lady took an eight month old child into a WAR ZONE and the baby died! She?ll be PAID a substantial amount of money for this ! You keep your baby at home during these riots !!!!
Shakasho 7 months ago
I have seen no evidence that this has changed. We get the same kind of figures from a number of countries and across the spectrum of social behaviours; women's place, apostasy, infidels, you name it.
Tagul 7 months ago
Okay, this got a bit heated. Let's rewind.
Kikasa 7 months ago
So, you are saying you are a Cathy Newman fan?
Tojalkree 7 months ago
So, based on this, what's your answer?
Mam 7 months ago
You implied that it relies on a logical fallacy when you called it "not logical."
Mobei 7 months ago
Don?t have sex with someone you wouldn?t want a kid with. And birth control is just fine. Just know that it?s not fool proof. Think about who you are having sex with, before you choose to have sex.
Tygole 7 months ago
Interesting distinction. Why should god be superstition while "loaned awareness and heritage" is not?
Zuluramar 6 months ago
It really wasn't something you should be thanking me for white bread and mayonnaise.
Dosar 6 months ago
There is the even smaller issue of claims made to knowledge you don't have.
Akikinos 6 months ago
lol, you have the definition you just don't understand it.
Kilkis 6 months ago
Oooh, I understand the confusion now!
Kilkree 5 months ago
Either you didn't read what I stated or you don't have the ability to understand the words expressed.
Mizil 5 months ago
0, since there's no threat.
Zologul 5 months ago
And do you choose to believe those magical claims, without any evidence that they happened? I suppose you do if you believe the bible. I can't.
Mezimi 5 months ago
So, what is the opposing viewpoint you're referring to?
Garr 5 months ago
Not entirely correct. The earliest Christian papyri come from the 2nd century. The earliest complete New Testaments come from the 4th.
Kajizshura 4 months ago
That's true on the individual level but on the population level new devout people must fill in for those who die.
Kajihn 4 months ago
Anything other than pork isn't bacon.
Basho 4 months ago
they can point to what they think is gods law....but maybe its not.
Shakadal 4 months ago
The only thing science and religion have in common is that both require humans.There is no faith in science, all claims are provisional and to the best of our understanding.
Akicage 4 months ago
Yes, do you prefer the word bullshit? Only until Christianity lost it's power did many of modern advances occur. Europe was essentially a theocracy for over a thousand years and kept most ignorant.
Akigrel 4 months ago
You are not countering what I said.
Akinomuro 4 months ago
The comparison to racism is
Nejora 3 months ago
You banned Killgrave?!?!?
Gazil 3 months ago
Depends on who you want respect from. If it's from 3rd world dictators or EU socialists committing economic and cultural suicide as they realize that the US has protected and subsidized them for the past century, then so what? If it's Iran, it's telling.
Vurisar 3 months ago
even if we can reconcile that in our minds, how do you justify drowning babies in what surely is a tortuorous way to die?
Daitilar 3 months ago
Okay, what I don't understand is: You agree there are small-short term adaptive changes. Why would those
Multiple orgasms on bed video


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