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"There'd be no sports either lol"

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Black gang gay boy bang trailers
Black gang gay boy bang trailers

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Shaktik 8 months ago
LOL Yeah totally a moslem! No, Usury is NOT the norm for Christians, kike, and you know it, you lying piece of subhuman filth. No Christians were usurers until the Satanic crypto-kike Jean Cohen AKA John Calvin wrote his lies about productive loans. You are a filthy liar.
Nasida 8 months ago
You can call it anything you want, but if our Universe is like every other physically existing thing that science has studied, if it exists in nature like everything else we have discovered, then it has physical parents. If you see it different than that, then it is you positing supernatural stuff because absolutely nothing in nature self creates.
Zulull 8 months ago
They can if based on valid grounds. Someone's race, religion, gender, etc is not a valid ground in deciding whether to serve someone.
Mushicage 7 months ago
Wow..Is this the fallout from that court decision regarding the baker and gay couple case.
Tolkree 7 months ago
UNICEF is another great Atheist version of the Salvation Army.
Gurisar 7 months ago
There have been many ]fabricated or augmented cases of sexual assault over the years. The cons love to point to Tawana Brawley, clear back in the late eighties. And without getting too political, I think that Al Franken was brought down by someone who was less than honest.
Banos 7 months ago
He got shitcanned, sport. it's so easy to trick monkey's.I
Shamuro 6 months ago
Not before you knew anything about him... so you had some feeling that you were able to assign as Jesus Christ in your mind because you already had him defined for you by someone else.
Zulkisar 6 months ago
Ugh. Well, it appears you have the makings of a great beer hangover to aid tomorrow's heat!
Voodoocage 6 months ago
Saying it over and over doesn't make it true.
Taukree 6 months ago
I mean it's a bad sign when you tell your man something he's doing makes you uncomfortable and his response is to propose. He REALLY didn't want to have that conversation.
Kazragis 6 months ago
I have no fear, I have no faith.
Tajind 6 months ago
This is pretty accurate, plus the ginger thing.
Dagore 5 months ago
You didn't prove anything. 70% of the youth in Illinois are not criminals. That is a flat out lie. Try again.
Daizahn 5 months ago
A dude named jesus may have existed but the bible magic is pure fiction
Vogor 5 months ago
I love that song. But I do always harken back to the original.
Akigar 5 months ago
Actually, there IS a right way to "interpret" the Bible.
Tegul 5 months ago
Why are you so easily baited to respond to Hasbara? All these people do is use people as platforms to spread thier lies. Dont help them, just let them spew, and leave them alone.
Shaktit 4 months ago
If they were more consistent in their religious beliefs affecting their actions, I'd have FAR more respect for them.
Gardakus 4 months ago
And how do you view the appearance in History of Jesus (and the Buddha for that matter), and his teachings for spiritual growth training ("Seek first the Kingdom of God / Clean the cup within where there is wickedness, etc.?")
Fausho 4 months ago
Tristan Thompson wouldnt have an 88 million dollar deal because HES NOT WORTH $88 MILLION DOLLARS! Tristan is represented by Klutch Sports which is owned by Lebron so hows that for nepotism? Lebron gets paid on the back end.
Faule 4 months ago
I love you guys, but I really think there is some accounting sophistry going on with PP. Yes, in a legal sense they do not use federal funds to subsidize abortion. It would have to be clear in accounting documentation. But take a longer view out. They receive X funds per year, total(including grants). They spend X funds on a variety of things in a year. One of those things is Abortion. How can it be said, without tying reason into knots, that the grant did not help with Abortion.


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