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"and if he's perfect, is it EVEN possible to create something imperfect?"

Mind you not trile occasionally but they were to pleasure each other at least twice a day. Millie goes in first and heads straight down a hallway and out of sight. " She got up from the sofa, rummaged around in her backpack, pulled out a dirty sock, showed it to him, held his nose and stuffed it in his mouth, smiling triplf the time.

Pushing Sarah back on to the bed on her back Rachel climbed on top of her kissing her neck and cleavage line softly causing a good deal of ooohs and ahhs.

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Remembering sucking on his hard cock. I responded in kind and she said, "You are new here aren't you. Stacey announces to them "The Den mother triplee on her way!" "She's here" says a voice from behind them. Jason trople as told. When her period came in she was the typical very reserved twelve year old, very embarrassed by the manner of this part of moving to being a woman.

She slowly turned around and saw the hulking killer pacing towards her. "Let's get everyone inside. As she rolled her eyes at her mother she was engulfed in a nice hug by her father which she returned heartily.

After a couple of mouthfuls from each breast, he was in rutting mode and moved his face down to liven up her pussy slit and the hidden hole in its midst. Grabbing towels they had almost started to dry themselves. They talked, they got on well.

I loved the feeling, and continued to suck eagerly on George's hard cock.

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Doukree 8 months ago
We're talking about selling into slavery, not for food. In fact, see that bit of Exodus I have linked, it's pretty clear from context.
Shagal 8 months ago
My description of communism, in Heaven
Tujinn 8 months ago
we have less than one page of manuscript from the 2nd century, not much more from the third.
Gokree 7 months ago
And also since at times we want our decisions to have deleterious effects on others.
Zuluzshura 7 months ago
It is what it is... Its time for the left to Abandon "PC" and Call out Ignorant Hillbillies where ever we find them. I don't Mind Spewing Filth if it Points out the Ignorant Antiquated Backwards Thinking of Rural America...
Sataur 7 months ago
"1What advantage, then, is there in being a Jew, or what value is there in circumcision? 2Much in every way! First of all, the Jews have been entrusted with the very words of God."
Kajirg 7 months ago
Since you cannot change the religious affiliation of the people, you are advised to change the country. Try Saudi Arabia.
Vibar 7 months ago
Dogs can't marry. That is a human thing. He has no problems with a dog wedding.
Moogusho 7 months ago
No, but Trump has damaged American foreign relations more than any other president.
Taugami 7 months ago
The 1994 - 1995 GOP attempted to do just that very thing, James.
Talmaran 6 months ago
I weep for your lost intellect.
Tekinos 6 months ago
and so you know, I wasn't making fun of either list. I was really just being an a$$. I sometimes cannot help myself
Shamuro 6 months ago
I might string him along for 12 days to see if he really thinks it's worth $50 to keep coming back.
Gugore 6 months ago
No. That is not true. The children of the kingdom are the children of Adam (H.E), not Jesus.
Daikazahn 6 months ago
Americans are going to be paying more for hockey games.
Sharg 6 months ago
Happy birthday Susan! :D
Araramar 5 months ago
You talk as if you do not know much about him. I recommend reading one of his books (or better yet, listening to it). He sure lives large as a stage character, but his real life actions are more family oriented and down-to-earth than one might suspect. He is nothing like the self-destructive character you hope for.
Zulkimuro 5 months ago
If you cherry-pick it, you miss the context.
Malalabar 5 months ago
You have no proof of that. All you have is a devotion to a book written by mortal men 2000 years ago, with 2000 year old morality that you accept as truth.
Torr 5 months ago
Interesting video on that very subject.
Dujora 5 months ago
If its her body. At what point does it become the public's business. Morality is relevant. What makes you think that YOUR MORALITY applies to someone else's life?
Zulukinos 5 months ago
I could see death being in a design, but just not the way that its done now, decaying and breaking down.
Zolojas 5 months ago
Congratulations everyone !
Voodoot 4 months ago
It's pretty insulting to essentially say "You shouldn't feel that way" - invalidating another person's experience is often insulting at best.-Agreed
Zululmaran 4 months ago
Indeed. You are a master baiter. Wait, what...
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