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Dan terchek is an asshole

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"When you say 'God is...' you're making a claim in a 'natural world' language, English, and you need to substantiate that claim by showing that it's true in English, not in wishful thinking."

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Vudokasa 8 months ago
Now that would make you the kind of Christian I could admire...but, it's the exclusionary nature of Christianity--the way so many put down other religions--that I found so offensive, based as it is on ignorance.
Gukus 8 months ago
Funny how you are only pointing this out to atheists.
Melkis 8 months ago
Neither of us is prescient, but, looking at what's happened to religion in the last 500 years, really does suggest that its clock has run, its day is over.
Kazit 8 months ago
That is my point, they would never consider a God that had nothing to do with the Bible.
Kazigrel 8 months ago
That's the biggest pile of crap ever, I'm so sorry and completely understand how frustrating this is for you. If you can establish a history of pain and diminished quality of life, insurance should cover it.
Vor 8 months ago
You are a true Armchair hero! I'm glad you hypothetically put your life on the line!
Yozshushicage 8 months ago
First of all, it is not the Old Testament; it is the Hebrew Testament. Just because the Christians stole this Testament, ripped the cover off it, added some extraneous books which they call the New Testament, it doesn't make this an Old Testament. Then they sell this new bible for thousands of years without paying one red cent in royalties to the Hebrews.
Zolosho 7 months ago
The unfolding "design" is in respect of a process of systemic feedback and appreciation. Systemic feedback and appreciation seem to entail conscious determination. Unless one prefers to imagine that everything that can occur does occur somewhere or sometime in some universe.
Arashijinn 7 months ago
I please to aim
Zoloshicage 7 months ago
On the bottom shelf...
Voshakar 7 months ago
Girl got shot (hit) seven times.
Gunos 6 months ago
I like proper punctuation but you don't see me complaining.
Kigakora 6 months ago
Using a term that has always been specifically designed to humiliate women before men, doesn't mean that the use of that term against men is equal to the use of that term against women.
Kigore 6 months ago
Did you read the OP?
Meztitilar 6 months ago
Who says one part of the trinity is the entirety of God?
Gugore 6 months ago
who doesnt love their dog.


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