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"I thought we bored you yet you still can't stop commenting. ????. Trudeau brought on 'trumps stupid tariffs' by not taking his warnings seriously and negotiating. And the economy was already hurting because of Trudeau's policies and the policies of NDP and liberal provincial governments."

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Black midget woman sex
Black midget woman sex

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Kagis 5 months ago
but, but, but that would prove it IS a strawman argument....
Faejas 4 months ago
To me? 5 or more
Yozshuran 4 months ago
I would hope so, but the fact remains that as long as emotional children who are not capable of reason, depend on their presumptive authorities and of inculcated into simply believing what and as they are told, they will be misled by the the cunning. Children always are capable of believing in the fantasies as long as they are capable of pretending to be what they know they are not,
Tagis 4 months ago
I saw that on a shirt !
Moogumi 4 months ago
now that's a Surley looking cat
Mezicage 4 months ago
Trump is bribing the NFL. It's not the President's job to decide who is hired in the NFL. So, the President can blackball anyone for disagreeing with him? How would you like your job to be gone because the President disagrees with you under any circumstances.
Tagrel 4 months ago
Bro, let me spell it out. Most people who aren't atheists, don't really care what you believe, save for religious family members.
Gardalkis 4 months ago
Agree. God should not be forced. He should be seen for His Goodness and Chosen for His Goodness.
Gardagal 3 months ago
OMG I'm watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for the first time. It's hilariously funny.
Dagore 3 months ago
Maybe ask an actual Swede or someone who spends a lot of time there like myself.
Kagakree 3 months ago
They'll just regulate the orientation of the Kids desks.
Zologal 3 months ago
Well no. The government has been involved in healthcare for decades with Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and a plethora of federal and state regulations.
Jujora 3 months ago
Of course you can be both. Nobody gets to tell you if you're a true Christian or not. That's between you and God.
Voodoohn 2 months ago
You once again demonstrate that you do not understand much and have a very simplistic idea about scientific evidence.
Fenrishicage 2 months ago
Your post is absolutely right. The "organized" 'religions are dwindling rapidly, Thanks God for that.
Tygoshura 2 months ago
It is only make believe. Probably best not to take it too seriously.
Mezigor 2 months ago
The medal was on backorder so they had to pull the meeting until it was back in stock.
Faezragore 2 months ago
I can and have many times. Go back and read your bible, this is basic stuff
Faugor 2 months ago
California billionaire Tom Steyer has been running televisions all over the country calling for Trump's impeachment! Far left demoRAT Congresswomen WACKO Maxine Waters has been screaming impeachment on the House floor!
Dam 1 month ago
Yes, most of us have read that book. But do you have any actual opinions and/or conclusions that
Voodooktilar 1 month ago
You do know that after an incident in 1996 where a man killed young school children and school teachers, the UK enacted gun control and they have a significantly lower rate of gun violence than we do right? There are kids dying. I don't care right now about knives when we are seeing young males walk into school and kill their classmates and parents burying children who had their own life infant of them. I don't care that people will find other ways to enact violence. More gun control, means less gun violence. I'm tired of seeing kids die in school. Aren't you?
Jushicage 1 month ago
I have Concerns....not about Halle Berry, Just, after John Wick 2 they kinda wrote themselves into a corner. Most importantly, how's the dog?!?!!?
Marn 1 month ago
and ask him if he thinks he married you,, or bought you? does he have a sense of ownership? some guys get that into their head..
Gardajinn 1 month ago
call it whatever you want
Milar 4 weeks ago
What's the matter having a U.S. president do what is right for the U.S. as opposed to graveling at the feet of the EU bother you?
Kazijinn 3 weeks ago
Well Emily, I certainly had a wedding-free day! The TV stayed off all day. I avoided looking at any of the papers online all the weekend and quickly switched to another article when I found that even Breitbart could not resist a mention of it! I think that we can be very certain that there will be soap opera type scandals ongoing for some time to come, We ain?t seen nothing yet!
Ferg 2 weeks ago
persecution and suffering can cause a good outcome.
Gardazshura 2 weeks ago
LOL! .... I'm not surprised that an ignorant (thus "gullible") right-winger easily "bites" on that one though.
Zulugore 1 week ago
False. I bow down in LOVE to my Savior. But you? You are very afraid. That is why you come here and lie and try to put down others who know better than you do. And, I do know better than you.
Visida 1 week ago
hun you know it's best when it's HOT and dark


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