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"why are you worried about me?? aren't you a bad ass or something? lil ole me is in your bed, fucking your girl..and you're all angry. Don't be. If all you can do is be angry at people who you're jealous of, you're not going to get very far in life."

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Deep fake Emma Watson Porn video

Deep fake Emma Watson Porn video

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Fre mature women pics
Fre mature women pics

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Zoloshakar 4 months ago
Trevor Noah did a funny bit about that
Nezahn 4 months ago
See previous comment. If Jesus truly is God, nothing subjective about it.
Nele 4 months ago
Wow. I had no idea.
Fezahn 4 months ago
I believe that at the very least, the credentials, licenses and practices of ?conversion therapists? should be reviewed and potentially suspended or revoked in certain circumstances, just as professionals in other fields are subject to such review.
Grogore 3 months ago
That sounds like something my husband would like. He also likes to go buy a bologna and smoke it. In the smoker. It gums up the grinder...
Monris 3 months ago
not sure it's that infrequent
Brabei 3 months ago
Darwin proved morality in nature.
Akibar 2 months ago
The Jesus character was not rich. Those that came up with him may have been.
Tygokinos 2 months ago
I commented -don?t see it?
Tozilkree 2 months ago
you're claiming they ought to be. i'm claiming anything is fine. nobody has an obligation to tax them or not tax them.
Fenrigal 2 months ago
Well its pouring rain and we have school carnival. I think I'll make some chicken and take the kids for an hour only. I admit....I want to win at the cake walk.
JoJolar 2 months ago
Trump was seen wearing a very small but telling button: 'Why? Because They Have the Pee Pee Tapes!'
Taugrel 1 month ago
fire the Honeydie! Load Slayberry cannons!
Duramar 1 month ago
I didn't have one of those either so I don't know
Malabei 1 month ago
You disproved nothing. Anyone can string together a bunch of nonsense that sounds important but is, in reality, no sense liberals do it every time they open their mouths.
Mikajora 1 month ago
Science had better welcome it, because it's always changing. That's good and fine and the only realm intended to observe and measure, but It's proof of how often it speculates and is wrong. You need to understand the difference.
Vosida 1 month ago
As an Atheist you have the right to
Nale 1 month ago
Lied about what?
Kagar 4 weeks ago
It is true. God is not found in buildings or in books. To find him, one must simply "be still and know"
Fenririsar 3 weeks ago
I know my history. I'm having a conversation with someone who doesn't seem to understand the difference between "language" and "empire."
Vuzilkree 3 weeks ago
Since there is only God, who's the dinner guest and who's the meal?
Shakarisar 2 weeks ago
Most spoken lines by patients "he/she doesn't like needles" "I don't like needles"
Vishura 1 week ago
Just to let you know - I am a deconverted Christian. Don't waste your breath.
Tecage 1 week ago
No, I am not in denial. Saying that your assertions have nothing to back them up but your opinion is called a rejection, not a denial. :)
Zulkis 6 days ago
What was it again?


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