The popularity of two terms are explored: “SEO” versus “Internet Marketing”

SEO is the science of search-engine-optimization, that is, the process of making your web properties more attractive to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Tospy, and so forth.

Internet Marketing (IM) is broader than the term “SEO” but it is often used in the same fashion — promoting properties & sites for ultimate visibility.

(rather than focus on exact meanings, which happens very rarely in the real world, let’s look at what will accomplish the most when mentioned to those who are not in our industry)

Here we can see the term Internet Marketing nipping at the heals of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not in the mix.

The term I prefer is Internet Marketing. Let me explain why..

SEO has had a lot of bad publicity in the past. Two years ago it seemed like a good percentage of business owners had heard of SEO, but believed it was a) not worth the money or b) over-hyped. These days, we know the industry is growing extremely fast and advertising opportunities found exclusively on the web make the industry un-ignorable.

That being said, I still come across people who are completely unaware of the opportunities and potential the web beholds. SEO is a small piece of the bigger puzzle and when they hear the term Internet Marketing it is much more self-explanatory.

A few others that did not make the cut:

  • Digital Asset Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reputation Management

What term makes the most sense to you?

2 Responses to “SEO vs Internet Marketing – Which Term Will Prevail?”

  1. I prefer the term SEO but think you have a valid point with internet marketing. It does explain itself better than the acronym SEO does.

  2. What’s wrong with marketer? I know SEO has become the norm, but it’s really limited in what you actually do. On-site work & back links.. nothing else which nobody really limits their portfolio to just that anymore.

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