Internet marketing is a hot ticket item. Nothing about this industry is slowing down. More searches each year, more ad spending, more social media users, and much more content throughout the web.

SEOmoz – Ten Things We Learned in 2010.

So what are some of the interesting things we saw in 2010?

  1. Yahoo & Bing MergeAdcenter is the new YSM for average users. We don’t have to include both Yahoo & Bing in the monthly ranking reports. Will Search Engine’s PPC programs be overshadowed by social media PPC, sponsored tweets, and other strategic placement methods?
  2. Many more Social Media management and monitoring tools come to lifeTrackur, Alterian, and others are going to define how to do business on social media.
  3. New back link softwareSoftware like Ontolo, Link Insight, and others will also change the way white hat SEO is done.
  4. Blekko goes liveOpen search engine. This new yet small search engine team makes a search engine that does not hide links, internal algorithm values, and showing us why they rank sites how they do.
  5. Marissa Mayer  goes loco local - Head of Search for Google moves to Google Local. Major changes on Local SERPs within Google, David Mihm heats up Local Search Optimization, and Google hires 100′s of more employees to sell local advertising.

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