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Sarah twain pornstar interview

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"Be prepared to choose one over the other and lose both."

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Sarah twain pornstar interview

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Bram 8 months ago
You see, I?m not regimented. I don?t blindly follow a hive mentality. Now run along and go kill some babies at the behest of your leaders.
Shazil 7 months ago
1. Do you have a website I can go to?
Vugrel 7 months ago
Please don't "both sides" our present situation. The causes and responsibility for our civic problems are not remotely equally distributed between the left and the right. Trumpism in particular is a right-wing disease; there is not any remotely comparable progressive equivalent.
Goltik 7 months ago
What do you want me to find in that funny article?
Mautaxe 7 months ago
Salivations...I mean Salutations
Digami 6 months ago
Is he the one who keeps posting threads here? I deleted one then he posted another. I'm not amused.
Tygozuru 6 months ago
That since was not a complete sentence. It was very confusing and had little do to with English,much less science.
Tarisar 6 months ago
I think we're not that far off, actually. I just don't believe we can know whether we know the truth, and I don't believe we can separate our emotions from truth in determining our actions.
Dagal 6 months ago
If a woman doesn't answer spotted dick to this question they're playing wrong.
Akinosida 5 months ago
or with master rabbit (his absence is also noted) :P
Tojaramar 5 months ago
no, it isn't. I'm not jumping to conclusions when I reject the evidence as being insufficient. I'm saying, until there is sufficient evidence, logic dictates I withhold belief. No conclusions. In fact, I'm open to new evidence whenever someone has some to share
Migal 5 months ago
Lets you and I meet tonight in the woods, so that we can devise our evil master plan for world conquering. Ill bring the pizza, you bring the soda pop
Turamar 5 months ago
Of course! Who else would you appreciate but those who like yourself are hypocrites and trolls?
Yozshukree 5 months ago
Christians really cannot argue that their god doesn't find killing acceptable. Not only does their god kill millions (according to the Bible), but he orders his followers to kill, many times and for many asinine reasons.
Junos 4 months ago
Blood Sacrifice was very important to the iron age god.
Vonris 4 months ago
All of them together add up to me, but the one cell isn't the whole of me. It isn't even close.
Zuludal 4 months ago
This Week huh? Finally the Weekend. To Monday thru Friday may I offer these sentiments:
Kazikasa 4 months ago
Daniel, you suffer from a malady that many people here have: reading comprehension skills.
Shakabar 4 months ago
Read his books and papers.


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