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""Are you claiming that the TOE violates the 2LOT or not?""

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Girls Finishing Guys Compilation

Girls Finishing Guys Compilation

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Kajisho 1 month ago
>>"If a politician's policies are formed by his faith, that is absolutely fine."<<
Zulugal 1 month ago
Well if something test through experiment over and over again then you have a fact. You have knowledge. The sciences are about discovering new facts and how to capitalize on them.
Vujind 1 month ago
Yes, there was a new way of figuring unemployment with Obama so as to not make him look more incompetent. The figure was actually 10 points higher and what I want to know is how are we calculating now. Based on what I am hearing from the business and manufacturing community, many jobs are unfilled because of applicants...I should say a lack of applicants.
Sagis 1 month ago
That?s what I am talking about; ?Meat and potatoes !? Sounds like it was a great study. Nothing better or more rewarding than preparing for a Bible study. What is next on your agenda?
Sharamar 1 month ago
And then ???
Mazugore 4 weeks ago
Stopping illegal immigration. Making integration of newcomers mandatory.
Shalrajas 3 weeks ago
Just to let you know - I am a deconverted Christian. Don't waste your breath.
Grolkis 3 weeks ago
Just because the Irish voted to have same sex marriage and voted to legalize abortion, and perhaps even engage in those practices themselves.
Arat 2 weeks ago
So anything goes and the fact is that all this sexual perversion, pornography, pedophilia is a good thing. Children are molested every day by these people or women being raped and even boys and men. This is because of the over saturation of violent and perversion online and people are desensitized. Or what about all the unwanted children because they refuse to be responsible for having sex. This is also why there is such a high abortion rate which leads to murder of defenseless babies. This is what you are defending.
Nijin 1 week ago
The problem is that bible believers DEFINE the creator as being eternal. If scientists defined the universe as being eternal you would demand that they prove it.
Arakora 1 week ago
Tarek Fatah usually writes quality articles....The above is certainly not one of them!
Guzilkree 1 week ago
Ist es wirklich wahr!?


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