The “Grow Your Business Using Social Media” half-day event was hosted by the Brainerd Chamber of Commerce and the Lodge. It was great to see the regional folks getting excited about social!

Enjoy the slide decks! Brent also wanted to share a few resources with you.
Social Media Policies
Social Media Management Tools
SMO for Business – A full-on book!!

After all, the biggest failure of all is not succeeding on social. Taking the time to outline a strategy is key. Define three month, six month, and one year goals in whatever metric’s are most important to you. These could be assigning a tangible figure to the following metrics:

@Mentions, Friends, Followers, Referral Traffic, Reviews, Uploads, Downloads, Tags, Check-ins and many more.

One last thought, before you jump right in — define your audience — and the best ways to reach them. Hesitating to move into your social real estate is no longer an option. For anyone still on the fence, check out Jessica’s post at Bruce Clay, Inc. for great resources on entering the Social Media landscape.

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  1. I think i just had a light bulb appear over my head thanks to your blog. lol good job.

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