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Search Engine Optimization is about increasing your presence on the web through strategic keyword-targeting content, leveraging what you have an your disposal to receive the maximum number of back links & strategic targeted traffic.

What the Optimize Guyz will do is set up a think-tank within the group using online collaboration software to come up with new strategies and better ways to exploit your current strategy. We highlight your strengths, your weaknesses, and provide you with tangible linkable assets that will allow us to build high quality links to your site.

We are located in the heart of Minnesota, the Brainerd Lakes Area, and our Search Engine Optimization services are very affordable.

Keyword Research

A good SEO campaign can not being without proper keyword research. Using tools like: Market Samurai, Keyword Elite 2, Google SK tool, Adwords tool, WordStream, and Microsoft Ad Center’s Ad Intelligence add-in for Excel 2007, the Optimize Guyz are able to provide you with a master keyword list right off the bat. For pre-existing sites, the OG team pulls current rankings and keywords from analytics and webmaster tools search query reports to capitalize on the “low hanging fruit” and highlight even better keywords which may be obtained with minimal effort.

On-page SEO

The on page factors can make or break a site. There is a fine line between usability and crawl-ability. Because the OG team believes it is never a good idea to create a site specifically for search engines, they understand the importance of user interfaces and still appealing to search engines. Every guideline in the Google SEO Starter Guide is adhered to and the optimization will reflect the keyword strategy outlined above to produce excellent long term results.

Back links

After the on-page SEO issues have been addressed the OG team will immediately begin the back link campaign. This is where your rankings will really jump up. It still take some time to build a robust back link profile but it is much faster than it used to be. Expect to see rankings increase with two months and the back links will be of high quality as, Brent Rangen, the Owner and Operator of the Optimize Guyz is well versed in link building and ensures that whoever he works with is targeting top quality back links.


SEO Rankings for a Client - Quick Ranking Increase- Affordable SEO Services

Movement for Competitive Keywords. Second Month with Optimize Guyz.

Last but not least is reporting. Each month you will receive current ranking reports and data that monitors the progress of the current back links and organic search campaign. This includes traffic stats, rankings, conversions, and much more. Reports can be tailored to best suit the needs of an individual client.