Link Exchange Forum Guide

Just like LuckyCharmz336 asks on Warrior Forum,

“I still believe in link exchanges (to a certain extent), which I know most of you don’t. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a good forum or website for exchanging links. I don’t like websites like Linkalizer, I am looking for higher quality links that are easier to obtain.”

  1. V7N Link Exchange Forum - This one seems to have a higher quality user than Digital Point.  Trustworthy community and very knowledgeable mods.
  2. Digital Point Link Exchange Forum – Too much of a good thing. 16-20 new threads per day is not uncommon here. Get ready to become acclimated with the advanced search tool friends. Need help? Tough. Mods aren’t there to help you, but “DP” or Digital Point has a large volume of folks looking to swap links with you. DP forum members, in large part, tend to be heavily black hat, scheming, and untrustworthy. The majority of the sites will have to be passed over. You can find a few good ones amidst the sea of spammers.
  3. Webmaster-Talk Link Exchange – A nice “Sort By” feature that can help find relevant link opportunities easily.
  4. UKWebmasterWorld Exchange – Exchange signature links, contextual links, and more.

Didn’t Make the Cut:

  1. Forum Link Exchange Reviews – Unfamiliar with the mods & users but it looks to be a good place to make friends.
  7. link: –  in need of a drastic face lift.
  8. – Must be approved.

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