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Basketball strip video

Basketball strip video
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"I agree. I am first generation American and we have decided as a family we won't even visit Ireland any longer. It is too dangerous a place. I know what you are saying, I'm going to miss not seeing my cousins in Ireland, if they want to visit they are going to have to come here."

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Basketball strip video

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JoJozuru 6 months ago
I'm not arguing that he didn't break the law. I'm arguing that the case was heard under the wrong law, a law which, in my view, is a bad law.
Fenos 6 months ago
Why yes you are, you got back what you put out.
Bakus 5 months ago
Opposition to abortion isnt a religious position. It is a human rights position. In that case, society surely can oppose a mother killing her child.
Braktilar 5 months ago
JR. You and I have crossed swords before, we are not strangers and you have seen what I pitch and I know what you swing at. That?s the game here.
Vujin 5 months ago
As long as you know it lol
Tagrel 5 months ago
I think i should be something determined on a case by case basis. For example, it should result in very serious charges if a parent knew their child had all sorts of serious mental issues and yet they allowed their child easy access to firearms. Conversely, I don't think a parent should be punished if the parent didn't have any significant warning signs and/or had good reason to believe their kid had no access to their firearms.
Mazujas 4 months ago
I do agree with him, and have nothing but contempt for the ridiculous smear campaign launched by contrarian hate-monger Hitch.
Meztimi 4 months ago
You know. The best explanation I had on this I want to share with you. Imagine Kilimanjaro was your life and a diamond. Once every thousand years a small bird come and sharpen its beak on Kilimanjaro. When that bird has totally finished Kilimanjaro then not much of your life has been lived yet.
Faugami 4 months ago
Happy Day!!!! May your mortgage ever be manageable!
Kigacage 4 months ago
Your average dancing monkey.
Tonos 4 months ago
"there's always rape"
Daigal 4 months ago
You see it as wasteful...because you see God as poor. Its not that way at all. According to His riches in glory in Christ. What are these to you? Dust and homeless shelter? Gods not poor. His children ought not be. Gods no cheapskate. He invented money, but people love it more than the kingdom, more than God. Get that right first it says...right? It seems your focus is on other believers money etc.
Ferr 4 months ago
It's so the women can't steal the used ones to get pregnant to trap the guy!
Basketball strip video


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