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18 2257 interracial usc
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"Get back to me when you can create life from the ground up. Or call a universe from nothing. Then your assessment of God's intelligence might mean something about Him rather than simply saying something about you."

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Good Grace - Slow Pussylick to Orgasm

Good Grace - Slow Pussylick to Orgasm

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Vimi 8 months ago
By distinction. Evil is like a hole in the ground,in dirt. Its hardly created, but altering what's there like rust alters the integrity of things.
Zolole 8 months ago
A tip. Semantic obfuscation using words you clearly don't understand doesn't work on a blog. You can't disguise the absurdity of your primitive and childish god beliefs by using it.
Jubar 8 months ago
I never said it did anything for Christianity, so I'm not sure why that's relevant...
Yotaxe 8 months ago
The upvote is because you're one of the rare theists who insists on empirical fit to support their thesis. However, I still disagree that a materialist worldview is an incorrect one. I'm also not claiming that it's correct.
JoJogami 7 months ago
I know, but she and others think this win means they said he could not serve gays. They went out of their way to make it clear they did not rule such
Arashigami 7 months ago
"...Bridenstine, a former three-term Republican congressman from Oklahoma..."
Kirn 7 months ago
If he creates the "heavens and the earth" they exist. If the earth is "formless" and "void", it STILL exists BECAUSE it just said was created "in the beginning." So CONTEXT demands a different meaning than 'non-existent'. It then, contextually, goes on to describe what is to be DONE with what IS THERE that is to be NOTHING like it's former state and condition.
Doujind 7 months ago
It absolutely is different gods. Many of these god concepts are mutually exclusive, which means that not all of them can be real.
Mugul 7 months ago
What difference does it make if he was pagan, Christian, atheist, or something else? Why is it so important to position Hitler onto the "other" side, or at least, away from your side? We don't know what he was, truly. We'll probably never know. This discussion is pointless.
Meztitilar 7 months ago
There is no logic only make believe.
Yotilar 6 months ago
I know almost all the lines of the movie. Remember:
Turamar 6 months ago
But incompetent people sometimes have to. When one has already lost one's real power, acknowledging it is mostly a formality.
Tet 6 months ago
It takes you three days to come up with a response and you use a dumb- arse pic made by someone else?????
Yozshukinos 6 months ago
The victims... Oh sh1t a better pic & description.
Ferg 6 months ago
Just that ? the difference is what the stories are ABOUT. Fiction is different than history.
Fegul 5 months ago
Yes, that is exactly what happened.
Taugar 5 months ago
Belittle is a complete moron
Dimi 5 months ago
yeah, prep time is a must. some yoga and a little weed will do ya right.
Dousho 5 months ago
Are there also even "true" Celts? :P
Tesho 4 months ago
My disgusting priests?Sorry neither me nor church teaching approved.
Mikakazahn 4 months ago
One second?no excuse. A half second? Who am I to quibble over details?
Jujar 4 months ago
Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and imagine yourself being talked down to by Donald Duck.
Duramar 4 months ago
What is it?


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