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Laura Orsolya Aka

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"This is a single study by 2 scientists. It is interesting, but that is all that it is....interesting! is NOT "science writ", a refutation of the Theory of Evolution, or anything approaching that, and has explanations within ToE. It will take confirmation by other scientists before it becomes anything but "interesting"."

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They all listen Ordolya me.

Shoplyfter -Teen thief Karlee Grey stripped and fucked to avoid jail

Shoplyfter -Teen thief Karlee Grey stripped and fucked to avoid jail

"I aLura this would set her off as she was the type of person that would not back out on a dare. The pair walked through the corridors.

"Harper, he's a gangster who controls the city and surrounding area, nobody ever touches him or says anything bad against him because they know that if they do there are dead. This was as close to a Heaven on Earth that the detective could think of.

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"Do you still not remember anything about the attack?" She asked. I put down the camera and as he struggled to his feet.

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Laura Orsolya Aka
Laura Orsolya Aka

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Arataxe 8 months ago
Let?s unpack this.
Tum 8 months ago
You picked up on that, huh? Good for you rudi.
Murg 7 months ago
What has Marxism to do with atheism other than the fact that they wanted to replace god with the state? State control, collective farming, the proletariat, no private ownership.......
Dot 7 months ago
gotta love a god that you are terrified of!!
Basar 7 months ago
No, but I see it referenced often here. I should check it out one of these day. Thx!! ??
Mazugor 7 months ago
Infallible vs. Inspired?
Tuzil 6 months ago
There is no way to consolidate everything that is in the bible. You must heavily reinterpret or dismiss something. What better way to do that than on the basis of the self-proclaimed most important rule? From all interpretations I've heard this is one of the most sound.
Kajitaxe 6 months ago
Good Lord how does one get as wrong as you.
Kajinos 6 months ago
Consciousness is denied by materialists? Are you conscious right now? All atheists are open to evidence. The fact that you think knowing what the word evidence means is a flaw called definitional thinking is pretty much the greatest thing I have read all day.
Mezikazahn 6 months ago
You provided examples I didn't remember them, but that seems to be beside the point for some reason.
Macage 6 months ago
Im sure im not the only one being called babykiller and murderer, because I support choice, I never had an abortion for personal reasons, but I refuse to allow government and religion force women into giving birth. Not me, not my daughter, not my granddaughter, (who hasnt been born yet).
Mitilar 6 months ago
I suspected that. I - myself - spent my entire education in a Catholic School. They are the ones who coined the sentence: "give me a child, and I will give you a Jesuit".
Kigakus 5 months ago
So all scholars are clowns?


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