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"I did, they are one-sided of course but interesting what they argue about. Why not reading all the rest of them to see the misogynistic and phallocratic perceptions of the Hebrew-Christian creed? Old fashioned ideas that are rejected nowadays from our society! Compare them with Corpus Hermeticum just to see how a "divine and godsend (?) book as you like to name it should look like. Not that I believe in all of them........"

I checked back to my computer and assessed the screen, looking for any kind of 'undo button'. We also agree interracal Ron and I would never have sex without Tom present and the same rules would apply if we decided to invite a woman into our bedroom at some point.

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Empress victoria cuckold interracial phone Interracial
Empress victoria cuckold interracial phone Interracial

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Mill 7 months ago
Hm, I think dressing anywhere is okay, as long as your naughty bits are covered mostly. Ohh, for salads? Not bad, but Italiano all the way!
Daigami 7 months ago
Nekree 7 months ago
Yeah, I mean look at how much more respectfully he speaks about career woman Hillary Clinton. What a load of crap, haha
Mirisar 7 months ago
Ok, act of terrorism then.
Zulkinris 7 months ago
Hey I would love to live in Beverly Hills, or Hollywood, or even Orange but I live somewhere that I can afford DF. Well the way you get it back is by leaving and not giving these companies your money, move away to an area you can afford.... then guess what happens? They close down the places that hire minimum wage workers because theres no one to work, and then another closes, and another. All of the sudden it's not very nice or convenient to live in these areas, with no restaurants, grocery stores, etc- which leads to..... declining property values, and then it's no longer $2000 for that 1BR you were talking about. People then come back and it starts again
Tygosho 6 months ago
Then you're smarter than I think you are.
Vojin 6 months ago
Thanks, excited at the prospect.
Vigrel 6 months ago
Trump says MS-13 are animals.
Goltikinos 6 months ago
Kelly. Asexual! Wow, Totally without interest or just without the involvement of the human touch, of others? Dare I ask, did you ever even once dip a toe to play in the human gene pool?
JoJokinos 6 months ago
Ah... From you perspective it rises. From my perspective it does not. My local on the surface coordinate spins out of the earth's shadow into the full current output of the local star.
Shakagis 5 months ago
"They could do the same thing in their garage, a parking lot, or pretty much anywhere but a gun free zone."
Junos 5 months ago
The question I have about this is... why is there a telephone in the restroom? And why is it free???
Vudokinos 5 months ago
The "kill whitey" and "kill the police" mentality in their music and culture doesn't help.
Zulkikasa 4 months ago
Actually that's a good point. There wouldn't be in true communism
Kejin 4 months ago
Faith doesn't reject logic.
Mezilrajas 4 months ago
Bye bye libtards
Yosida 4 months ago
This is pure denialism. See
Sazil 4 months ago
Islam, like all religions, is ambiguous. Any Muslim who favors peace has a multitude of Koran scripture to justify that. Or if he favors retribution, there are words supporting that. Likewise, in the same way that one person may find Biblical scripture supporting an eye for an eye moral code, or one based on retribution, another can find ample words to support loving others, forgiving others, showing compassion. Its up to the person what they take away. Whether a person favors loving his fellow man is a matter of moral maturity, not religious creed. Overwhelmingly the Muslim person favors peace.
Ketaxe 4 months ago
Women may not use scary guns, but they kill humans almost as much as men.
Galkree 3 months ago
There is a problem with "aggressive training". It helps a ton, but there is always something in the back of the mind that says "this isn't real". It's extremely rare for someone to involve themselves so much into that kind of training that they lose the "this isn't real".
Goshicage 3 months ago
some photos in Off Topic
Basho 3 months ago
I'm more of a Greygoose kinda gal, myself. I mean.....what?!
Juktilar 3 months ago
These are the men Wasserman Schultz and some 40-50 Dems allowed access to the Congressional computer systems. They had unlimited access. All were unvetted. Missing from the photo is Awan's Russian wife. You just can't make this up.
Vok 3 months ago
WOW, she seems like a great person.
Kagalar 2 months ago
I cut and pasted the writing of a newspaper. I then provided the link to that.
Vushura 2 months ago
Canada is the largest consumer of American steel.
Gakazahn 2 months ago
Except that I already spoon fed You evidence of a long history of white chrustian racism.
Kazira 2 months ago
Do you want to care for all these extra lives? How high can we raise your taxes?
Daikora 2 months ago
and hes off.
Dushicage 2 months ago
Advertisement for "Love in a can" or "Recipe for Infatuation"??? Do I bake it at 425 degrees until tender?
Akizilkree 2 months ago
The cutoff is where we have evidence.
Zulkile 2 months ago
Yes, you will
Empress victoria cuckold interracial phone Interracial


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