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"Actually, as always, you are really close to what the Department of Education and the Oireachtas have been working out. They are trying to convince the RCC to divest hundreds of schools. There has also been an order that enrolment into religious classes in secondary school is no longer opt out but opt in. The downside is that they aren't offering additional monies for alternative education, so it could end up being a wash."

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Asian ass model
Asian ass model

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Sabei 8 months ago
When did that ever happen? Ideals are nice but the real world is what we have to deal with daily. Places with dumbed down or no sex ed and no access to contraception have the highest incidence of unwanted pregnancies.and STD's
Shakagrel 8 months ago
They're not wrong according to them. Jesus didn't fulfill their book's prophecies.
Kibar 8 months ago
Simple mathematics and logic don't actually show a god. Again, this has been gone over ad nauseam.
Nikozahn 7 months ago
you don't know do you. Ben has nothing to do with Breibart, he distanced himself long ago.
Grogrel 7 months ago
There is a difference between following biblical instruction and a secular enforcement.
Tobar 7 months ago
Liberty and religion CANT be part of the same ideology?
Dabar 7 months ago
"?Logic doesn't allow me to believe in a god or gods anymore.?"
Jukus 7 months ago
Pilseners have a light delicate flavour.
Moogugore 7 months ago
But makes for great Socialist fodder dont it haha
Kazramuro 6 months ago
Now youre the one that's deflecting. Its so interesting how some atheists on this channel are so quick to defend Islam when it is clear as day that some of their rherotic actually kills people, here and in the UK. Turning a blind eye, for what?
Kazizahn 6 months ago
There is a difference between the teaching of Jesus and the teaching of the Organized Religion named Christianity. You can find the ' golden rule ' in different wordings in several of the world religions.
Zulkigul 6 months ago
This one is my fave. Makes me think of my fam.
Arashikus 6 months ago
If there had been no Christianity in the Roman Empire, then today, the people knocking on my door with pamphlets would be telling me all about how different my life would be if I only had a personal relationship with my Personal Lord and Savior, Mithra.
Voodoojar 5 months ago
Why do we humans think that I, me my family, despot country's of the world should never suffer? We humans are self-centered, proud, stiff-necked, self-serving on and on. Some of the most sweet,compassionate, self-less people in the world have suffered horribly. Anyone who has never been in need, pampered, hurt by other's don't have a clue about anything in life
Gardazahn 5 months ago
Testimony that can be corroborated and checked by other people.
Takasa 5 months ago
Ah, yes, that thread died... I was looking to reply but I didn't want to go and join another channel just for the sake of it.
Tacage 5 months ago
My only point is that circumcision is a medical procedure and should be performed in a hospital by a Dr. and not by a Mohel at a Micveh. That's as objective as it gets. I also was ritually circumcised at the age of 34 in a Micveh in order to marry a Jewess, so my experience is not entirely subjective.
Douzahn 5 months ago
In less than a year we need to kick NDP out of Alberta provincial legislature.
Kami 5 months ago
Yes! Omg, there's a Naval Research Plant near DC that smells so bad just riding past it. I don't know why you would consider getting close enough to suffer that in full force.
Mauramar 5 months ago
Read the God described in Genesis: petty, punitive, murderous, vengeful. Then read the God described in 3 John.
Zunos 4 months ago
I don't mean to interrupt but In my opinion this is one of the most poorly written, confusing and misunderstood verses in the entire Bible. The truth is nobody actually seems to know. The New International Bible takes the side of Jewish Rabbinic tradition that a fetus is not a person but the Tree of Life Bible, surprisingly, opposes the Rabbinic tradition interpretation. The verse even contradicts itself as far as who sets the fine, the woman's husband or the judges. Both pro-life and pro-choice advocates use this same passage to help justify their positions.
Meztizragore 4 months ago
YES.. Always! Well.. I am accident prone so I kill with air freshener lmao.
Moogudal 4 months ago
You can't be serious?
Dirn 4 months ago
I always thought of cats as a sort of deist (each one thinks it is god in its space).
Faezshura 4 months ago
The book says the book is true. The book is true. Therefore my specific god.
Akinozil 3 months ago
The channel where the Regulars call people niggers, spics, and Mooslems.
Shakanos 3 months ago
It is big with the Birkenstock crowd. ;-)
Dizuru 3 months ago
Probably for a Maury episode.
Faegrel 3 months ago
Yesss send him my way. I shall call him Zuko.
Fenrirn 3 months ago
"but that the sex was super degrading and sometimes painful"
Mikagul 3 months ago
"Roberts v. Madigan (1990), a federal district court similarly upheld the authority of a public school principal in Colorado to order a fifth-grade teacher to take down a religious poster from the classroom wall and to remove books titled The Bible in Pictures and The Life of Jesus from the classroom library."
Asian ass model


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