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"Its like having a very wise and strong and caring Father."

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Teens Explain BBC Obsession

Teens Explain BBC Obsession

"Fuck her well", Tom said and the moved up to my breasts where he squeezed and teased me. Her natural lube was making it easy for my finger to reach every nook of her vagina. I played it off as if it was nothing, but my heart was pounding because he had seen me. My dick jumped straight so fast that it gave me chills.

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Layla Exx

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Daibei 3 months ago
You want him working? Think about that again. I?m always surprised when the ?not my president? crowd wants him in the White House working on his agenda.
Vudojas 3 months ago
Exactly, he'll need to drown his sorrows.
Volrajas 3 months ago
the Trump, don't know, couple million I would immagine.
Gogrel 3 months ago
He is only imaginary to YOU.
Bralkis 2 months ago
Apparently you left wing idiots think military service for the office of president is relevant because you guys keep bringing up the ?draft dodging? bit.
Nikogor 2 months ago
As someone who loves mathematical proofs, I think Arnold is being overly-simplistic in distilling critical thinking and social interaction to the understanding of such proofs. Regarding the latter, social interaction provides that social function via stimulus/response in a social environment. It's really that simple.
Kazigami 2 months ago
Do you think a black man should be compelled to create a symbolic expression like a cross for the KKK?
Maugami 2 months ago
Heh. Wild eyed Canadian Conservatives would be considered on the left side of the Democrat party.
Kazralar 2 months ago
"notbuyingit"; you are wrong. You simply have no knowledge. You can not give information, only "opinion", and you know what they say about 'opinions'...
Voodoogore 2 months ago
Have I claimed that Yockey was in any way anti-evolution? Does your demonstration that Yockey believed Darwin's theory of evolution is among the most well-established theories in science make his claim that the genetic code is actually a code more or less believable?
Malahn 2 months ago
I guess illegals are a race. They can't figure out gender, why do you think they can get scientific consensus on gender?
Vudohn 1 month ago
And you're not a climatologist either, but unlike you, I have actually done some real research. You're just parroting what someone else told you. Better an amateur scientist than a parrot.
Nikotilar 1 month ago
"Pompeo clearly and repeatedly said that he never even once did anything
Vunos 1 month ago
Really? How do you explain the last 15 years?
Brat 1 month ago
i've never seen so many people, get so damn freaked out, over a song. but then again, i never put much interest in it in the first place; it's a song.
Tejar 1 month ago
More claims to knowledge you don't have.
Negrel 4 weeks ago
Which means you have made a claim that your opponent's claim is false.
Tojakree 3 weeks ago
Not true. Look at his behaviors. The Court referred to them. Not possible to logically say he is bigoted. That accusation is merely a device - a ploy - to bully and silence people.
Tokree 2 weeks ago
Meh. It was a hell of a rooftop party.
Nikohn 6 days ago
I'd pound that.
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