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"Yep, that is what that book says. You like a book, that's great. Do you have any idea who authored it and what their intent might have been? Do you have any knowledge about the history of the compilation of what you refer to as "The Bible"? The mortal men who wrote and decided which bits were allowed in and which bits were not allowed in all based on the narrative they wanted to push? Have you ever thought about "WHY", or do you simply accept what you have been told by others?"

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Latino swingers joliet illinois Gg escorts

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Megor 8 months ago
Faith is how supernature acts on nature at quantum level??? That is the "mechanism"??? I thought that you were keen on this kind of things and that is the best you offer??? feeble response... the gods "speaking"...
Yogis 8 months ago
Globalism is simply free market economics being realized. Nativism is a closed, controlled economy, the furthest thing from a free market as you can get. Nativism is what Soviet Russia practiced.
Fautilar 8 months ago
That's not covered under this ruling. This ruling was extremely narrow and doesn't constitute good precedent for anything like that.
Mezizragore 8 months ago
Alcohol usually does the trick.
Tozahn 8 months ago
I'd rather work a 10 hour day starting at 10am than a 5 hour day starting at 5am lol
Meztirr 8 months ago
No. No matter what you want, the other guy never, ever has to endorse your choices, especially when it comes to religion or politics. Any more than a Democrat baker can be forced to bake a "Trump 2020" cake for some GOP rally, or an atheist baker can be forced to provide cupcakes for Billy Graham's funeral visitation (with little "John 3:16's" in red icing on the tops). This is what it means to have a 1st Amendment -- you don't get to force people to approve of your lifestyle.
Nenris 8 months ago
Apparently to a conservative means , maybe . To a liberal democrat, it means absolutely true, if history be our guide.
Nazshura 7 months ago
I think confusion was much earlier than that, the Jerusalem Councils are evidence that even within 20 years of the believed life of Jesus, his followers could not agree on who Jesus was, said or did.
Grotaxe 7 months ago
Comrade sense of smell ruin from 2 much bathtub samogon. Had to substitute with potatoe in lean year, DA.
Dainris 7 months ago
Try to read again Genesis 19. Homosexuality is explicitly mentioned among the sins of the people of Sodom.
Dajar 7 months ago
I cant even imagine your position. But if you decide to stay together, you have to focus on building trust, forgiving him and not resenting him.
Gular 7 months ago
Why do you need to lie about my faith ?... Is it because you want to monopolize all donations by lying that your book is the only truth - making GOD for SALE ?
Mazudal 6 months ago
Ah, yes, that thread died... I was looking to reply but I didn't want to go and join another channel just for the sake of it.
Julkree 6 months ago
The racists of the old south must be very upset.
Grotilar 6 months ago
Do you have any logical thought what so ever? If he left major Muslim countries off of his ban than he did not wish to ban all Muslims.
Shaktimi 6 months ago
False. Logical fallacy of bifurcation. Also, everyone in the world has faith. Not necessarily in God, but in many other things. Even YOU have faith! You have faith that your paycheck will cover the bills every month, for example.
Akinorg 5 months ago
CNN would love to air that story. A home takes in a patient. The home takes any income...ss etc. If costs are more, state seizes assets. If there still isn't enough money, state pays balance. I'm open to an exception if you got one.
Arashigami 5 months ago
Hey I read some of the list. I wish we could talk face to face. It would be fun! For one I do believe there is evolution in species. So yes there were plant eating fish that eventually turned into flesh eating fish. Why I don't know and the bible doesn't say. What the bible is for is to tell us of God being in control. Most of the old testament tells of the coming of Christ. The new testament tells of Christ being here and put to death for our sins. Like I said thoigh I would have enjoyed shooting the breezeabout this.
Gojinn 5 months ago
I hear Cathy went undercovers last night ....lol
Vudojar 5 months ago
Nobody we know; must have followed you from 'over there'
Akitaxe 5 months ago
He claims to be a scientist, but purposefully chooses to be ignorant about science.
Nigami 5 months ago
More than likely, he read this:
Meztigore 4 months ago
Apparently you're clueless about what I'm saying, and I'm not going to expend the effort to educate you about your hypocrisy. Have fun ruminating about the Cons and ignoring when the Libs do the exact same thing, only worse. We're done here.
Mezigul 4 months ago
Sorry bout the KAG! . i thought most Trump supporters knew what it was.
JoJorisar 4 months ago
HUgs you did good.
Moogukus 4 months ago
Libs hate facts.


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