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Beach and bikini

Beach and bikini
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"I'd rather be called gullible than an unbeliever. Praise God Jesus Christ Saved me from my sins!"

Like the woman on the screen I was soaring above the bench on which I was seated. I watched it drip off her body as she smiled at me before scooping up what she could and sliding it into her mouth. "Aaaaaarrrgghhh.

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and tell me what you think should happen if i decide to do a part 2 in this series .

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Beach and bikini
Beach and bikini
Beach and bikini

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Tojanos 8 months ago
But you don't know if he's sleeping through class everyday now do you?
Mecage 8 months ago
Please ensure you behave in future!
Zolorn 8 months ago
I have no idea why you posted that link.
Shaktizuru 8 months ago
It's hard to fathom that an NBA Finals game could ever be this bad. This Cavs team has a lot of work to do during the off-season. Congrats to Curry, KD, Dray, Klay, Nick Young, David West, Javal McGhee, Looney, Iggy and dem boys. They deserve to win. Cavs don't deserve to win. Their defense is a disgrace.
Daran 7 months ago
Then they need a new job. Imagine if the military shot everyone in a war zone that put their hands near their waistband. We would have made 10x as many terrorists. Meanwhile in the US cops get away with literal homicide by saying "I felt he was reaching for a gun." I have read of 4 accounts where cops were acquitted because they felt the suspect was going for a gun and the suspect didn't even have a gun. This opens the playing field for every level of sociopath to go into police work. When your standards are so low that you can shoot if you are the tiniest bit worried someone might possibly have a weapon, might as well give every Ted Bundy a badge then because they can kill with impunity.
Shaktigal 7 months ago
A girlfriend of mine has dated some doozies lately - the guy that showed up at her house because his cell phone had been shut off. The guy that had his card declined on $20 for movie tickets....
Fenrirg 7 months ago
Radio broadcasts they regulate, not only who can broadcast, but what they can and cannot say on the radio. You do know who the FCC is, right?
Arasida 7 months ago
... and chewing gum.
Shasho 7 months ago
Condone: accept and allow (behavior that is considered morally wrong or offensive) to continue.
Gujas 6 months ago
What did we pervert and why should we be bound to the ideas of men from 2000 years ago?
Bazragore 6 months ago
Jesus teaches that "mercy faith and justice" are the spirit of God's law, and to ignore those premises is to fail God when you practice the law. How can you not take someone's feelings into account and consider yourself merciful and just?
Darn 6 months ago
We understand exactly what the mean. Other (((parties))) like to blur things.
Tojak 6 months ago
Yeah I got the gist of the story, I just wasn't sure which one you were calling the narcissist.
Zulkikus 6 months ago
Thanks for reminding me, I forgot to follow through and block him. As I said, he can bug off...
JoJor 6 months ago
How does one switch off the sun?
Zura 5 months ago
I agree giving money to homeless and poor is poor policy. We need to decriminalize drugs and focus on treatment. If we took money from incarceration and put it into treatment programs and housing we might make so headway. Thank you Cam for your work in this field
JoJogar 5 months ago
Huh? ...but we're always told states should be trusted to do a better job than the bloated federal bureacracy.
Gagore 5 months ago
when did I bring in quantum physics?
Tebei 5 months ago
Edited: Everyone tells little white lies! The internet like an open field. I have lied! People have been misled by them some got hurt when we chatted offline. I try not to any more after the hacker scare. I just don?t answer. I tell them I will not answer that question. I may tell a lie all in fun, joking.
Goll 5 months ago
Buddhism says something similar.
Juzuru 4 months ago
Yet they are the ones dieing in the areanas of chaos the US created. Does that not deserve mutual respect?
Shakatilar 4 months ago
??? what diameter? sounds like... nevermind...
Shaktirn 4 months ago
I like Earl Grey with honey, so i guess I?m right there with ya
Zukazahn 4 months ago
Genesis contradicts itself. God creates light before he creates the sun. That, in itself, makes no sense.
Kazigar 4 months ago
??? hmmmmmm. ??? something is amiss then... the question is why?
Kagacage 4 months ago
invisible qualities? So they don't exist? Cool. You argue against yourself better than I.
Kajim 4 months ago
LeGuin was always good for disturbing one's settled convictions!
Kazik 3 months ago
I've been wanting to check that out. I love the instrumental versions of popular songs.
Kakasa 3 months ago
Something sexy, like Helga, works.
Marisar 3 months ago
Love Stinks is a hellhole? lol
Majora 3 months ago
Good morning, your highness.
Gosida 3 months ago
There aren't any laws saying one has to violate their religion to take part in a wedding. Who was forced to attend a wedding?
Tokasa 3 months ago
she is late
Maugore 2 months ago
The same people who salt caramel and chocolate..
Kabar 2 months ago
You really are short bus rider aren't you?
Beach and bikini


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