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List of hardcore punk

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"True, but let's remember that it was the OLD NRA, before the new leadership took over and changed the bylaws. Previously, the NRA was not a civil rights organization, but that was changed by Neal Knox and his supporters at the Cincinnatti Revolution in 1977. The NRA board is now elected by the full membership, not just the delegates who attend the convention."

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List of hardcore punk
List of hardcore punk

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Zulull 8 months ago
The mythicist dogma-pile has begun.
Fenrizahn 8 months ago
Since you've already proclaimed that any evidence which doesn't relate to the Bible is false, we know you don't care about being honest.
Doutaur 8 months ago
Your education is your responsibility, not mine.
Zugul 7 months ago
Gunos 7 months ago
Sounds fun! : )
Mern 7 months ago
Are you a Christian? It frames my answer.
Dubar 7 months ago
Biology is the reason for choosing love over evil, just as it is the reason some people choose evil.
JoJojind 7 months ago
The only result will be that rich people will have their abortion in England and poor people will be forced to do illegal and dangerous ones in Ireland.
Mezit 6 months ago
Not an interpretation. Read the book. There are indeed clean animals and those that are labeled "unclean". In the light of that the part you attempted to use to further you personal agenda reads a lot different than what you said.
Arajas 6 months ago
Oh, my. Are you criticizing my plain spoken Social Science idiom? Oh, I did read a very good academic article about Ezekiel full of formalistic language. And one day, I?m sure I?ll be happy to use that Social Science academese just the way the Social Scientists do in academia. In the meantime, however, my non-formalistic formulation is quite adequate and well put. I don?t consider a blustering fan of Scientism who refuses to engage substantively a credible critic. That would be you.
Samulkis 6 months ago
Agreed. Let's start with bloated MIC budget, subsidies for oil, ethanol, and corn syrup, foreign aid to countries that hate us (pretty much all of them now), Scott Pruitt's travel and security budget, then we can talk about cuts to children's health programs that the Rs want.
Todal 6 months ago
Right. Can't have people going all berserker over the toll going up two cents.
Kigak 6 months ago
Thanks, great OP. Your characterization of Christianity is right on target.
Malarg 6 months ago
From the episode with Jennifer Aniston:
Goltirg 5 months ago
yes. i did, he said that he couldn't stop giving in.. sucks right.. don't want to be in that type of relationship yet.. too young HAHA
Akinogor 5 months ago
If you're trying to tell us something, just write it. You're lousy at charades.
Kazitaur 5 months ago
ANTIFA are explicitly anti-fascist. As is the Democratic Party. The GOP... not so much.
Doujin 5 months ago
Or maybe "wash your hands after wiping your a$$"
Kakus 5 months ago
It is my understanding that on August 26, 1900, god wrote, "Nietzche is dead. Nietzche remains dead."
Yozshutaxe 5 months ago
I think that Europe will be enmeshed in multiple "civil wars" within the next 30 years, mostly between immigrant Muslims (and many non-immigrant Muslims) and the native, Western European populace.
Vudole 4 months ago
I know already. Testing is on individual basis. We are all in the same boat, I can just point the way. You gotta choose.
Moogurr 4 months ago
Talking asses are real.
Mezinos 4 months ago
What in the hell is a " cultural fascist" ? Are you another young wacko ?
Dam 4 months ago
You are so filled with anger you are frightening. Seriously, go get checked before we have another Hodgkinson on our hands.
Arataxe 4 months ago
That's not the point of the parable. The point of the parable is not to worry if Adolf Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer gets the same reward that you do when you die.
Milabar 4 months ago
I'm curious why your prescription for how to make High School safe for gay/trans kids involves no special measures being taken to keep those kids safe.
Kagagrel 4 months ago
And...? Only a fool doesn?t believe magic exist.
Taulkis 4 months ago
Did I disagree with the statement that harm is an objective quality? I said harm has nothing to do with morality, not that harm doesn't exist or isn't objective. My guess is whenever you think of 'harm', you assume it is synonymous with 'immoral', which I don't assume. Things cause harm. Harm isn't immoral.
Tygokus 3 months ago
What evil ideals were those? Lincoln was willing to enshrine slavery in the constitution to keep the union together. Was Lincoln evil too?
Doujora 3 months ago
I think heterosexuality is the norm (in a mathematical sense, as in "the majority"). I would assume that's something more than just a "cultural norm," and think most would agree, whether they are a believer (or not) in God a/o evolution. Point being, even LBGT peeps often say sexuality is more fluid than most people think.


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