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SEO vs Internet Marketing – Which Term Will Prevail?

The popularity of two terms are explored: “SEO” versus “Internet Marketing” SEO is the science of search-engine-optimization, that is, the process of making your web properties more attractive to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, Tospy, and so forth. Internet Marketing (IM) is broader than the term “SEO” but it is often used in [...]

SEO in 2010 – A Glance in the Rear View Shows Where We are Headed

Internet marketing is a hot ticket item. Nothing about this industry is slowing down. More searches each year, more ad spending, more social media users, and much more content throughout the web. // SEOmoz – Ten Things We Learned in 2010. So what are some of the interesting things we saw in 2010? Yahoo & [...]

Six Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Web Site

A new web site has an amazing pull on sales today. Rather than get something just because it “looks good,” it is important to ponder a few other crucial points of condideration as well. Users need to be able to use it, not just you. Search Engine’s need to be able to access main categories, [...]

Your Website is Under Investigation

It is time to let the experts take over.  Your website and SEO needs are overwhelming you and you do not know where to turn? The Optimize Guyz is a cost effective and smart solution.

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First of all, a proper introduction is in order. We are a group of talented and professional people from the United States. Our skill set is unique. We offer full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and design services. Our emphasis: fresh techniques which are heavily integrated into social media and the web 2.0 movement.

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The Optimize Guyz is made up of an experienced SEO consultant, a designer/coder, and a graphic artist. Our talents combined allow us to offer a unique service. The Optimize Guyz, your go-to guyz for web stuff!