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Over the next few months, we will be testing the effectiveness of various advertising channels on a local level. Follow along as we delve into offline marketing with several different advertising methods.

Method #1 will be radio syndication over 30 days – 3x per day -  thanks to 3Wi radio.

Normally, sharing the results of various advertising campaigns is not something we are able to do publicly so sharing the results of advertising methods with our readers should be a lot of fun! Not only that, sharing the results of our advertising methods across many platforms and have readers participate in our findings may give us even better ideas for the case study.

Tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is extremely important for any business whether you are in a metro area or a smaller city like Brainerd, targeting regionally, nationally, or internationally. There is a reason “new media” is overtaking the industry and it is large part due to strategic placement and tracking technologies available today.

Main points:

  1. Ads will be targeted to the specific Central Minnesota region.
  2. The advertising will strictly be promoting search engine optimization and web design services.
  3. All calls, emails, and referral traffic will be monitored.

Method #1 – Radio Ad

Price: $
Effectiveness: To be determined

All calls will be tracked via Google voice call tracking technologies. Leads will count as one point and actual customers will count as two. We will be running a six month case study and other methods will include:

  • Local networking group (month #2)
  • Google Video (concurrent)
  • Local paper advertising (month #3)
  • Google Content Network (concurrent)
  • Mobile Advertising (month #4)

Listen to a sneak peak of our first radio ad airing throughout the Brainerd Minnesota area and surrounding cities.

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