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"I think in 99.99% of cases it is codefied racism. The small exception is if the institution had a long history of discrimination imagine a company the size of google where not a single engineer worked or a college like harvard that mot a single black person had ever been admitted to. But i cant think of a single example of this in 2018. I think its also racist tjat no one ever asks why white males are OVER represented in low pay and or dangerous jobs. I mean no one ever says there are not enough black female plumbers"

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Pics teen girls gang band boy Babes

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Yojora 2 months ago
Bill, you forgot that Valerie Jarrett is 1/4 black and the First Lady is a white Slovanian. So it's all good.
Shaktira 1 month ago
The fact that you got defensive over this cartoon is highly revealing
Kigazragore 1 month ago
And what do you want to deny? That striving in the Way of Allah means jihad?
Madal 1 month ago
Having to double fist it today. Coffee AND mountain dew
Godal 1 month ago
You losers can't touch the Teflon Don, so you try to satisfy yourself by whining about the First Lady and ol? Rudy. Cry about Manafort some more while you're at it.
Meztigore 1 month ago
wow, I thought you were being sarcastic when asking me to explain like you were a small child.
Nikoktilar 2 weeks ago
Jim Bakker? Benny Hinn? Peter Popoff?
Shaktikus 2 weeks ago
what pajamas? not kidding.
Meztizuru 1 week ago
You just love making up excuses, doncha?
Arashidal 1 week ago
Bill Clinton is still the man
Gulkree 1 week ago
Because you said first trimester babies aren?t still-born via birth canal... and they are... it?s just a fact of pregnancy and childbirth.
Nikozshura 1 week ago
You could always recycle them...
Pics teen girls gang band boy Babes


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