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"Do you believe that had the guy sat down and just complied to what was asked at first that none of this would have unfolded the way it did? Not maybe or could have but yes or no. Anyone can have a doubt but being sure means one has faith in their conviction of being either a "YES", I believe or "NO," I don't believe so."

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Madison Ivy - Brazzers - Sexual Performance Review

Madison Ivy - Brazzers - Sexual Performance Review

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Gay men in hard hatss

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Dajin 8 months ago
Hmmm in my inability to disconnect this all from politics I think we are seeing Trump fatigue among the alt-right/Nazi types, especially after Charlottesville. Lots of these fringe guys really believed in him, and now they believe he's more or less being steered away, especially after Charlottesville and Bannon.
Kajilmaran 8 months ago
I'm curious how the "peer reviewed" part missed that too.
Zulucage 8 months ago
While I agree they have a right to refuse service, using a religious defense as an argument is weak. Just because someone paid you to bake a cake doesn't mean you support what that cake is for. That's ridiculous. I can't take that defense seriously.
Vudozuru 7 months ago
You might be on to something. I was may more active in the 90's, though I also didn't have all the adulting shit I have now (kids, work, house, bills, stress, etc.).
Vudogrel 7 months ago
Jesus did save the world.
Meztizahn 7 months ago
I really wish this homework didn?t suck so much. Rattle is simple to use but the output is for shit. Give me Tableau any day.
Felar 7 months ago
The economy "grew" at the SLOWEST rate (a pathetic 1.5%) in US history during the Obama administration, (slower than the 1930's depression era) even though he added $10 trillion to the debt! Obama changed the definition of deportation to INCLUDE people turned back at the border! Even the L/W LA Times admitted deportations from the interior fell 40% during the Obama administration! The MSM lied by calling Obama the Deporter in Chief and you and other leftists fell for it hook line and sinker! LOL
Daibei 7 months ago
Sorry, but your answer fascinates me more each time I read it.
Dara 6 months ago
Trudeau, you?re next!
Kazrataur 6 months ago
real conservatives turning on the alt right
Zulkilmaran 6 months ago
Bible thumpers are OK when science does computers, medical procedures, satellite communications, cellphones, even entertainment devices, but when science has the audacity to come between the bible and the believer, the shit hits the fan.
Togor 6 months ago
Especially accurate where genesis claims god created a formless earth (which god never claims to form because god thought the earth was flat and not a sphere), sun, and moon but no other planets and moons, asteroids, comets, dark matter/energy, gas clouds, gravity, the weak and strong nuclear forces, magnetism, or time. Clearly, the Buybull belongs in the astronomy/cosmology classrooms.
Tozragore 6 months ago
lol. true but the point is in spite of hinduism being a religion , it shows scientific discovery and inventions long ahead of it's time in its holy books.
Mecage 5 months ago
You didn't answer the question.
Kigalkree 5 months ago
Yes, which is why "embarrassed" isn't the word I'd use. If you don't give your customer all the information they'll need to make an informed decision, that's called "shady".
Kazill 5 months ago
As usual, we're on the same page. :)
Vudot 5 months ago
No I am not arguing that God is necessary in science. I am saying we don't know and science has not shown us one way or the other. You have no evidence that God is necessary for science to function one way or the other.
Nikobar 4 months ago
And fortunately, the ones who point the fingers at all the "false" christians are all "true" christians, huh?
Zulabar 4 months ago
What mental problems though? I know MANY people with mental problems that work and take care of themselves. She is using that as a crutch, and the people around her have allowed it.
Grokree 4 months ago
They shouldn't be able to control people's consent in any way, shape, or form. I am old school liberal of the "let ten guilty men go free to protect one innocent" and "prefer freedom over security".
Toramar 4 months ago
There was no confusion, I understood what you were saying.
Zulkik 4 months ago
So-called "Christianophobia" is mostly whining by the extremists within Christianity because of the proper backlash to their presumed right to judge and then try to limit the civil rights of others in the false name of "freedom of religion. Real Christians, just like all truly spiritual people, whether members of organized religion or not, understand that other people won't always understand or appreciate their personal beliefs. Social and political pushback for the efforts of social conservatives to dictate human rights for other groups is not "Christianophobia." It's simply social justice and all the holy hypocrite whining in the world won't change that reality. When a self-styled "Christian" tries to use their community prominence to harm the lives of others, I choose to avoid doing business with them. That's not any sort of "phobia;" it's just common sense.
JoJodal 4 months ago
Different, that can cause physical
Shaktijar 3 months ago
Are you still in line?
Daijas 3 months ago
God can tell you not to do anything he wants.
Akiktilar 3 months ago
As most pregnancies are early the fetus is not torn apart. Parts are not sold for profit, this is a lie.
Goltigore 3 months ago
Lol. Its like the liberal olympics, the dodgeball segment.
Gardasida 3 months ago
?Everything has been debunked.? Define ?everything? in the context of the general topic being discussed. Try to stay on point.
Barr 2 months ago
Even IF all the owners did plot against him and IF he has some proof of this (and those are some big if's), he would have a snow balls chance in hell of winning because the NFL HAS a lot more money to spend on legal teams. like it or not that is a big factor.
Zulkile 2 months ago
Nope, some guy with double A tits, er I mean pecs.
Gay men in hard hatss


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