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Asian car maker

Asian car maker
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Asian car maker
Asian car maker
Asian car maker

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Ducage 7 months ago
is there a way to determine what should be taken literally and what shouldn't be?
Malajind 7 months ago
Every person alive believes something to be true which cannot be proven. You appear to be equivocating on "faith" then assigning some imaginary probability to your own conjecture.
Vudor 7 months ago
I wish more were more like you. Realist's. ?? ??
Kejind 7 months ago
The theory of evolution is based on extrapolation. That's exactly how it was derived, by observing finch beaks and so on and extrapolating from that. So you've learned something today, now quit while you're ahead.
Ditaxe 7 months ago
Be nice prime
Yozshukasa 6 months ago
Either your a child of the kingdom and can hear it and understand it. Or, you are not and you will not be able to hear it and understand it. However, an objective way is by the fact that those who are eating and assimilate my message, are hatching immortal cells in the body called "Zoe" which produces the Shekinah Glory, or Glory Raiment and overthrow the Blood cell system defeating ageing, sickness and mortality transfiguring the body from the mortal terrestrial body to the immortal Celestial body of Man.
Kitaur 6 months ago
Perhaps...but preferably a cinnamon roll ??
Samulkree 6 months ago
"Withdrawal all accounts and get a safe deposit box" XD all I have in the bank is debt XD
Tygojind 6 months ago
There's no god necessary for any of these natural prcesses to work. We know how evolution works, reproduction works, death works, eating works, lightning works, thunder works, rain works, etc. No god seen or needed.
Saran 6 months ago
Are Christians morals really set? I'd argue that they're prone to changing with the times and contexts as those of the atheist. Most modern Christians don't support the institution of slavery or the killing of witches for instance, despite the clear standard set out in the Bible.
Taulkis 6 months ago
The ACA was and is a disaster. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed while care quality has plummeted. The private insurers that haven?t fled from the bankrupting exchanges have steadily increased premium costs year over year. The sad truth is America?s poor and impoverished have always had free essential healthcare. By law, no hospital can turn someone in need away because they lack financial means. What obama assured and solidified was a terrible system that someone would have to fix later on. The only good thing about the ACA is it?s at least a stepping stone towards a universal healthcare system. But it will be repealed, at the expense of the taxpayer, as one of the worst healthcare systems in the western world.
Mok 6 months ago
Yep! This is why I will always have to include my sister in on things about my relationships with other people, friends or otherwise. She brings me back to Earth when I've blown something way out of proportion.
Mira 6 months ago
I asked a 'How' question first, care to respond to that?


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