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More likely piss poor human rights

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"But they bore me... I want scandal!"

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Which one is that?" I heard her giggle back. Hmmm, I will have to make sure his punishment has a little sting to it. Some of the officers in his old unit disobeyed an order, and now he were stuck here.

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More likely piss poor human rights
More likely piss poor human rights

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Doulabar 7 months ago
The rape topic that I specified twice (including once in the post you?re responding to, which has the words ?specifically rape?). I alluded to it in one statement because it is an uncomfortable topic, even when compared to murder (blame my US American society for that one), so I apologize for beating around the bush this one time.
Faeran 7 months ago
That wasn't a precedent - unless it was a precedent for the state to not discriminate when ruling on cases. It's like if you are tried for murder, but found innocent because the police tampered with evidence. That's not so much a "vindication" of your innocence, it's a condemnation of the police.
Mumi 7 months ago
Can't find one now, though I have seen at least one posted here. But it isn't central to my point which was:
Mell 7 months ago
well, I do honestly hope you get to find a few things to be happy about before you die. I honestly don't find life to be anything like sadistic, but I do also remind myself that I'm incredibly blessed.
Zolozuru 6 months ago
I fear your god, the same way you fear Zeus.
Kigamuro 6 months ago
Why are number important period?
Maushura 6 months ago
Canada and Mexico better start enriching Uranium.
Meztikasa 6 months ago
My use of the word 'Ark' is metaphorical, by which I mean I hope to live right on through the end of this era into the next.
Moogugami 6 months ago
Absolutely! I need to study the lines of the trunks before I get started.
Meshakar 6 months ago
The condition of pedophilia is not objectively immoral but acting on it is.
Gugar 5 months ago
Actually, most civilians were never "captured". What you speak of, regarding slavery or mass murder, is far more rare than you seem to understand or are willing to acknowledge.
Shaktiktilar 5 months ago
I highlighted your comment to point out that she is in the extreme minority of our combat veterans.
Zulkigore 5 months ago
Dont you mean everyone on every channel he been to
Kagami 5 months ago
Iteration 3 is illustrative of the nefarious nature of Roddenberry's collectivist morality. It IS worth noting that Spock sacrificed himself. Codify that ethic into law though, and the human sacrifice has no such say in their fate...
Fegami 5 months ago
If judging by the strippers...err professional dancers they choose at the last bachelors party are an indicator...I am going with friends, but I am saying this with trepidation.
Zulkira 5 months ago
Um...people don't choose to be gay. There is no such thing as a "chooser of homosexuality".
Nara 4 months ago
Yes you do


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