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"I don't think the creed (alone) makes a religious difference. Many question are dogmatic interpretations of scripture. The RCC is the biggest Christian church, yet, in the US it is often not even considered Christian. (E.g. listed distinct from "Christian" in polls or statistics)."

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A son fuck his sleeping mother and sister

A son fuck his sleeping mother and sister

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Handjb cum vids

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Malashura 9 months ago
Charles L. Worley, North Carolina Pastor: Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill Them Off
Aragis 8 months ago
Religion was an excuse for the Holocaust? The holocaust was about eugenics, not religion. It was about helping out natural selection, though you could argue it descended into pure madness before it was all over. Planned Parenthood was about eugenics too, thought today it's pure soulless greed. Today, as then, it is religion that argues that human value is something other than reproductive fitness.
Shagul 8 months ago
we all are for commenting on one of your threads
Najinn 8 months ago
We have our share of squabbles here locally but a disaster brings everyone together.
Samulkis 8 months ago
It is not even the same issue. I wish you all would stop using these stupid comparisons.
Meztira 8 months ago
They refuse to tolerate other povs and demand acceptance. Acceptance is only attained at an individual level. NO one has the right to make me accept shit! I will do the research and figure it out on my own then decide whether or not its worthy of my acceptance. Though, tolerance is and should be something all of us give and when we do we should expect reciprocation.
Zulkibar 8 months ago
31278588 time that the 'No True Scotsman Fallacy' is used.
Kagalkree 7 months ago
Agreed, and I would add Seven Wonders. They don't play that one enough. It's all Don't Stop, Don't Stop, and DON'T STOP!!! AAAAAHHH!!!
Mazutaxe 7 months ago
Is Denmark doing it for religious reasons?
Dokora 7 months ago
LOL!! I had a dream that I had the ability to travel through time, and I used that power to travel to different time periods to have teh sex with all the sexeh MENZ!
Mushakar 7 months ago
said the brainwashed deluded dissonance laden gullible religious person...


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