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Asian warrior woman fantasy art

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"Not entirely. Sure there is some eisegesis that happens but if you?re arguing that is entirely what happens you would be wrong. And that?s not just an opinion, there is plenty of proof that Christians have played positive roles in societal changes that would factually prove you wrong. Your argument seems based only on a dislike of religion rather that logic."

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To Riker, it was a dream come true.

Riley Reid Gangbanged

Riley Reid Gangbanged

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Asian warrior woman fantasy art

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Shaktikasa 8 months ago
There really is no difference to an agnostic/atheist. As a friend of mine once said to me, "There are thousands of gods you don't believe in. I just believe in one less than you do."
Shakashicage 8 months ago
Why couldn't Jesus just cause people to accept him and everything would be good? My answers is God/Jesus did not want robots. He is a triune being and we his creation are a triune being. It is called CHOICE, Jesus wanted people to choose to love him. That's what its all about. Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day That they were of their father the Devil
Tekasa 8 months ago
You need more alcohol.
Gardagami 8 months ago
"Darwinian evolution simply means all life on earth came from single cells."
Tugrel 7 months ago
that would get into personal experience. I've seen some weird stuff in my 69 years of life.
Arashilkis 7 months ago
He know his base is too stupid to perceive his frequent blatant contradictions and will readily dismiss any discomforting cognitive dissonance as fake news. Stupid and brutish, red hats, soon brown shirts ...
Sagore 7 months ago
Yes they do.
Kazigore 7 months ago
I'm Canadian. and from what I know, going back to Bosnian war, our civilians shared the same accommodations. I am talking about civilians working directly with the military under contract. Not talking about independent contractors/mercs.
Tolkree 7 months ago
Why is it always the same.....different people, same responses. Let me know when your side comes up with something new...
Kat 6 months ago
You are the one whining about someone tarnishing your reputation and demanding an apology.
Yozshujin 6 months ago
Right. Hell is for non believers and not for sinners.
Brabar 6 months ago
Paul wasn't claiming to BE God, and he was a Roman citizen. But, Paul was imprisoned and disliked by Roman Gentiles and Jews alike.
Tokora 6 months ago
Completely off topic, but I find one of my new fave indie designers. The styles reminded me of you. Have you heard of Whim By Aree?
Magul 6 months ago
I noticed he's a big fat blowhard here in the US, but was yukking it up when face-to-face with Trudeau and with Macron. "He's my friend..."
Bajin 5 months ago
Nope. He is the colour you are.
Zukazahn 5 months ago
Alright... let's assume that Humanism took off as a philosophy in Rome, and that's why there was no rise of Christianity.
Goltim 5 months ago
I know. I've explained why it's the same in your head. Again, what part of government is being controlled by religion? Not a single abortion law is contrary to secular medical opinion on the beginning of life, so that's not it. So what?
Tall 5 months ago
I must admit it is a reproduction of the somewhat eroded original, both in the British Museum.


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