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Histoire de la penetration

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"no longer respect Giuliani"

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Alexxa Vice and Tyla Moore Bukkake Party

Alexxa Vice and Tyla Moore Bukkake Party

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Histoire de la penetration

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Terr 6 months ago
Is it bad that I laughed at this story?
Faetilar 6 months ago
Says Giuliani. It's DOJ guidance that you can't indict a sitting president - not the law. The prosecutors in both Watergate and the Clinton investigation believed they could indict the President.
Kazikasa 6 months ago
bulldogs are chick magnets fyi....found out after I got married though :)
Ducage 5 months ago
lmao omg... this reminds me of when squidward came to live with spongebob. that's bad parenting though. it says he was never asked to contribute to the household monetarily or even do chores..
Moogulkree 5 months ago
When you have the verified and published proof I will listen to your argument. Obviously it would suit some people if it were true but it?s still just conjecture that is being touted as fact. Scientific ideas change all the time and each time a new piece of the puzzle is discovered they rethink things, sometimes completely. It?s a hypothesis just like the original question which is why I disagreed initially. My argument was simply that one shouldn?t want to kill their baby. There?s a culture of death gripping this society. God bless you.
Gosho 5 months ago
Not quite. He's been very open about his compassion for gay people but at the same time, he's made it clear that he does not intend to change church doctrine and opposes allowing gays to attend seminary.
Kigale 5 months ago
Again...Dispute, with facts, anything I said.
Meshakar 4 months ago
Yes I am a human. What are you?
Taukus 4 months ago
"No mass shootings at NASCAR."
Dougrel 4 months ago
Learn to read and life will seem better! Chin up!
Fenrilar 4 months ago
When the tattoo topic popped up with my daughter, we told her to remember she used to love Barney.
Dukinos 3 months ago
CNN, Msnbc, nbc, abc etc have all tried to create a narrative that Trump is a racist so it's not surprising that there indoctrinated sheep who believe it to the point of. eing surprised by this pardon. That's all I was saying is tha you're an indoctrinatedtrinated sheep.
Faulkis 3 months ago
I saw things were getting out of hand, so I intervened. I have no personal problems with anyone on these boards. Your beliefs are what you feel is truth, just like Karen, Ann, Tom, and Harry all have that freedom to choose.
Daiktilar 3 months ago
I read a story or two about bakers who refused to bake cakes for anti-LGBTQ customers (the customers wants slurs or whatever on the cake). Also one baker who refused to bake one with the name Hitler on it.
Kekinos 3 months ago
Crazy how those tens of thousands scientists who spend years studying the topic missed it! Boy O' boy, I bet they feel pretty darn stupid...
Mukus 3 months ago
he will I wished cancer on him recently
Vurr 2 months ago
I mean the suburbs of Atlanta are soooo exciting
Brakora 2 months ago
Howard, I dont see where Mickey says "blacks HATE whites". I appeares to me that you inserted the word HATE. Personally, I think hate is an awful word to use to discribe what should be a respectful conversation. You may want to apologize to Mickey. Just saying...???????
Mezragore 2 months ago
"no one else"
Mobei 2 months ago
Use her for BB gun target practice every time she's outside?? She'll go away eventually ????
Katilar 1 month ago
You really are confused. Have you always been unhappy with being a male?
Kegar 1 month ago
I feel between all these professtional days off and spring break was almost 3 weeks this year they barely get taught enough of that. :(
Talrajas 1 month ago
The only difference between education and indoctrination is that the former is the socially normalized form of the latter. If your beliefs aren't reflected in the legalized curriculum, it's because you're views have less social capital backing them. In which case, welcome to disempowerment - ain't it a blast.
Mazujar 1 month ago
Of course not. The scum I'm referring to would have no use for puppets up there.
Shaktirn 1 month ago
False. I Do know. I have had personal interactions with Him. YOU may think as you wish, but your ideas do NOT and cannot nullify mine. You cannot speak for me, in order to say that what I know is incorrect.
Malakasa 4 weeks ago
Here's the deal - if you want to call it quits, you have every right.


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