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Blonde redhead xoxo

Blonde redhead xoxo
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Blonde redhead xoxo
Blonde redhead xoxo
Blonde redhead xoxo

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Mizahn 7 months ago
What did your god "go through"?
Maulkree 7 months ago
It seems so simple but what about the fact that much of what you consider obvious fairness to "The people" I consider both ignorant and unfair in its own way.
Fenrim 6 months ago
Go back to chat. Read my last post.
Dikazahn 6 months ago
The Soviet Union was in fact violent and disolved due to financial insolvency, and as a result of no one getting paid. Worldwide, untold numbers were killed with the munitions that were pillaged and sold off. Most of the countries involved were robbed over that one, but that was mostly their own doing. Czech and Slovakia was indeed a "velvet revolution" but that was after massive demonstrations for a desire for a peaceful process, and that being the primary goal of those involved. it could be argued that Norway and Sweden was in fact due to blood shed, this was a direct result of the Norway-Denmark having lost to France, and Norway, having to cede Denmark, and other territories. The people held a referendum and the only reason it was upheld was due to the fact that No Norwegian could legitimately claim the throne because no one was able to prove relationship to medieval royalty as was required by European "blue blood" tradition. Iceland and Denmark get a pass as the Vikings they are descended from seem to have successfully expelled the bloodlust generations ago. Brexit as you say remains to be seen, but if you look at the level of violence we see in london, one could posit that the people were already paying in blood, and this was a large factor in why the referendum was thus far semi-successful!
Goltigis 6 months ago
Hardly. Jewish law had several provisions about lending to fellow Jews vs non-Jews. Islam, on the other hand, treated any debt - be that of a Muslim to a Muslim or to a non-Muslim - on equal footing.
Groktilar 5 months ago
Oh. How many do you know?
Dukora 5 months ago
WHERE! where is the fundie?!!!
Goltigrel 5 months ago
Israelites? Specific time, specific place...Gods warned judgement for 400 years. They knew, get out or change.
Doudal 5 months ago
yu ack like yur afraid... :) LOL!!! come on out into the deep!!! :)
Kagabar 5 months ago
"then you are presented with a God who is often evil by any objective measure, unless you exempt him from all rules about good and evil, in which case, of what use is it to describe him as "good" [citation needed]
Mishicage 5 months ago
You are right. I do treat those as the same thing.
Gomuro 5 months ago
I agree with you. The only reason I haven't concluded he is in fact a theist is that his knowledge of religious thinking is quite poor. But then so is that of many theists, so who knows.
Tasho 4 months ago
Your username is an attack on SJWs. Is there ever a time when it's not on display?
Vijinn 4 months ago
Judges need to start sentencing people to military service again. Its legit how my grandpa ended up in the Korean War. Lol
Tohn 4 months ago
If my 13 year old took my truck and mowed down people, I would be held accountable.
Voodoonos 4 months ago
And it has no link to the evil as it provides no dogma.
Daijas 4 months ago
They are both forms of communication. I would hazard a guess that many more people read Barr's statement than heard Bee's rant.
Voshicage 3 months ago
Maybe he wasn't there.
Vudotilar 3 months ago
Obviously poor choice of words!! It seems to be of utmost importance
Masida 3 months ago
You must be new here. When T criticizes science it?s because he thinks that God is the better answer.
JoJora 3 months ago
Close, but not close enough to argue they are the same, as you did.
Aragar 3 months ago
LMFAO and they would tell you that the NT is full of crap because they did not even come close to recognizing your Jesus as their Lawd and Sabior. According to them? He was to be a mighty warrior who would over throw the Roman Government and install the Jews as the leaders.
Faum 2 months ago
The only nonsense is that theory..and of course your sides deliberate and willful attempts to conceal it. OoA, the dates keep changing to fit. That's a giveaway. They were roaming around trying to find Europe for 50,000 years! That's the short scale, but since geneticists popped the truth, and agriculture came on scene even sooner (7-10k supposedly)...its changing again. What will evo do? Ignore it of course. What a sham. I don't mean out of Africa, its a joke.
Mum 2 months ago
"I don't care right now about knives"
Mikall 2 months ago
I have a few questions:
Jujar 2 months ago
Given the full context of Psalm 82, your are completely wrong.
Blonde redhead xoxo


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