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"This is honestly something I've never understood about our justice system. If the person committing the crime clearly did want the victim or victims dead, carried out the crime, and its only by pure luck no one was murder.....then it should be treated as murder....period."

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Redheads sex videos free legal Redhead

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Voodoojinn 7 months ago
The democrat party talks about impeachment like Mets fans talk about their upcoming World Series victory parade.
Tygok 7 months ago
"The liberty to marry who you choose is championed by liberals."
Kak 7 months ago
3. falcon they look cool
Daishakar 7 months ago
Strap that tinfoil hat tight now.
Kazrajind 7 months ago
No lips McGuinty lost my faith after the I will not raise your taxes bullshit only to screw me out of $2k a year.
Samujinn 7 months ago
You are exactly right.
Satilar 6 months ago
Check out Germaine's blogs if you really want to be blown away by Ponzi. Not your father's
Akizil 6 months ago
Because guns are a multiplier. Both homicides and suicides will occur irrespective of weapon.
Zolojas 6 months ago
LOL is that a this is us reference, I have not seen that either
Yoran 6 months ago
Human made justice.
Gagore 6 months ago
Horwath propped up all that corruption.
Kigakinos 6 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if he gets out on appeal, or reduced sentence.
Braramar 6 months ago
By my reckoning.
Mooguran 5 months ago
And call him Tom?
Shaktijinn 5 months ago
For sure following Communism was a gross mistake which caused a lot of suffering. Yes, currently Russia is authoritarian in some aspects, but not totalitarian any more. Because most people understood this ideology is wrong.
Arashiktilar 5 months ago
Nope. But you will see. You have your choice, and you have made up your mind. Enjoy it, or not, as you prefer. Your fallacy does not affect God's truth in any way. You are still lost and need to be saved no matter what your delusions is.
Faull 5 months ago
We have a set of comment rules. Follow them and you should have no trouble, If you feel you are wronged in the moderation process we have a resolution channel. Link follows:
Moogujin 5 months ago
How is it not correct? He wouldn't even leave his store. He wouldn't be anywhere CLOSE to the place.
Mooguzuru 5 months ago
Spoken from a platform of true ignorance and faith in an intellect being carried around in a mud sack. I get it. I spoke from the same platform for a long time. Consider. This dating system in which you have so much faith is founded on the quicksand of human understanding. There is no written history further back than 3500 B.C. or so. All else is speculation based on the accumulated knowledge of our time. And you say we are fools. You have faith. Just not in the right things.
Tohn 4 months ago
That's all the explanation needed.
Tygozahn 4 months ago
Ever hear of abiogenesis?
Tojashicage 4 months ago
Let's break it up and go to our corners, now. ??
Vizshura 4 months ago
Well I don't know how a person like that would react exactly, but there's all those commercials for planet fitness or some other large chain about it being friendly to beginners. Some people only want to work out around others with the same skill level.
Mazuk 4 months ago
Donald, your attitude is the problem. It's what currently turning the United States into the new North Korea, meaning a country politically and economically isolated from the rest of the world. But hey, Kim will probably be happier for it.
Metilar 4 months ago
Isn't that the vision of Mars in Total Recall? :-)
Mishura 4 months ago
Yeah, the guys coming out of school see nothing but bleakness
Kazigul 3 months ago
Yet they aren't. There are other gods older, wider, smarter, more capable, more powerful, and more charismatic.
Tujora 3 months ago
The piltdown hoax revisited.
Golrajas 3 months ago
Impressive. Everything you said in this post is wrong.
Gazshura 3 months ago
Because Clintons=murdering, dont'cha know! Proof is for suckers and learned folk.
Maur 3 months ago
In my list of 20 albums for my deserted island.


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