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"I'm not aware of any 'creationist' argument that complexity is the evidence of intelligent design. Creationist arguments are typically based on literal interpretations of the Bible. And intelligent design arguments do not rely solely on complexity. In fact, complexity is only used to rule out chance as a likely explanation."

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Anal Bounce Nation - Fancy Asshole Moussaka by Asenalx

Anal Bounce Nation - Fancy Asshole Moussaka by Asenalx

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Lucie Nunvarova
Lucie Nunvarova

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Arasar 8 months ago
And that's what makes it worthless.
Tuzshura 8 months ago
Created by a who or what?
Dazuru 8 months ago
Oh, I'm prepared. Are YOU prepared?
Zulkibei 8 months ago
Lol, Idk how I got in charge of putting together internal processes... i'm not the PM. can i be like: this is outside of scope, y/n? also can someone throw up a fun dumpster post.. anyone ,bueller?
Musida 7 months ago
Why this "unelected judges" mantra? They've been unelected since the first Supreme Court. This is not a change from the Founding Fathers' vision. There was a reason the position of Supreme Court justice was designed not to be elected and to serve for life. They had to be independent, as much as possible, from changing politics. This was part of the plan, not a flaw.
JoJolrajas 7 months ago
Then you seem to be in disagreement with most Muhammad's biographers, who tell about this raid. So tell us please what makes you believe you are more learned then them.
Gunos 7 months ago
Love your neighbor as yourself. That's something the baker violated. You support him because gays are disgusting perverts in your eyes.
Zuluzilkree 7 months ago
have you heard of agnostic theist?
Viramar 7 months ago
"Over" in wrestling means getting over with the crowd. "Going over" means getting a win. A Face/Heel both get over, if they didn't it wouldn't work well, kinda like today's wwe.
Tojalmaran 6 months ago
Nobody invited the baker to the ceremony.
Nikasa 6 months ago
How dare you! Gandalf is a close personal friend of mine, who cares about me!
Vutaur 6 months ago
First it was a Joke, a very bad joke but a joke all the same. Second, they do still have the Queen on their money. 3rd, Canada is not a threat to National Security, it is the potential loss of Steel and Aluminum production that is the threat. The easiest way to prevent loss of the industry when it is threatened is to limit imports to help domestic production. I am not saying I agree but just pointing out a few things.
Faujora 6 months ago
You aren?t looking in the right place. The popular press reports on things of general interest. That includes scandal and events in America. We don?t even get much on Canada or Europe except celebrity news. How many Americans know of or hear reports on anything on the ME except terrorism? How many know there are 30% of the Palestinians are Christians and for a variety of reasons suffer more from Istael than Muslims. How many know the differences between Sunni and Shi?a? How many even have heard of the Ibadi? How many know the Yezdi are? How many know that the Pope is also Pope to 23 churches only one of which is in the West? How many have ever heard of representation by religion rather than by land area?
Nebar 6 months ago
Because she didn't break the law.
Vir 5 months ago
Science, not piffle.
Dobei 5 months ago
Last I checked, 8 day olds aren't capable of giving consent.
Sharg 5 months ago
Nipissing University and Conestoga College are not what the next Finance MInister needs in this day and age. Caroline Mulroney graduated from NYU and Harvard.
Kajicage 5 months ago
Good for you guys. Damn good.
Daizragore 4 months ago
Hey look, you've got a token scientist arguing something contrary to what you claim, which is of course that evolution does indeed occur, despite your nonsense about neo-darwinism. Have a nice day.
Samulkis 4 months ago
Really, what am I afraid of?
Mazuzuru 4 months ago
So you don't think he lied? Reality is really not your friend.
Nizilkree 4 months ago
So goyim may kill, bear false witness and commit adultery at their leisure.
Gojin 3 months ago
And when are yours greater than mine? That's part of the problem.
Shakazshura 3 months ago
Some of the stories are beyond satan himself.
Kezahn 3 months ago
Same. So creepy.
Tojarr 3 months ago
That, unfortunately, was not tested.
Nalrajas 2 months ago
" . . . and SHE said to Balaam," THAT'S THE DONKEY!!!
Bajind 2 months ago
IhavI seen his interaction w/military, children, coal miners & the black
Akinoll 2 months ago
There is a time and place for being civil, and there is a time and place for pointing out exactly who someone is.
Brarn 2 months ago
The text lies, Slaves are not free, ya know the US had a war over that
Lucie Nunvarova


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