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Asian businessman of the year

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Asian businessman of the year
Asian businessman of the year

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Grosho 8 months ago
Not if you?re only looking at facts and using those facts to form an objective moral foundation of what actions are permissible and what actions are not.
Douzil 8 months ago
Some people think their lifestyle or way is better than everyone else. It's not but they think so any way.
Vik 7 months ago
Where did I defend the system? Come on liar, back up your shit.
Vorn 7 months ago
I do like to post Music threads, Im no expert but I do learn a lot from others. The best Ive taken from Disqus is how my Music collection and tastes have grown
Yozshuk 7 months ago
Yet you focus entirely on Muslims and try to pass your inherent hatred of them.
Tozuru 7 months ago
Things change. The bible has to reflect that fact.
Mamuro 7 months ago
ouch. ill pass.
Kazrakree 7 months ago
Notice how repetitive his retorts are. The cliches, the poorly worded , generic responses and standard mindless retorts.
Zolocage 7 months ago
That is incorrect the Bible is considered a historical document. Many of the places, Ruins, and people are historically real. Even the most liberal scholars agree that the Bible is historical.
Brar 6 months ago
Indeed. She hasn't missed a meal in quite a long time.
Misho 6 months ago
I think you're on drugs and if not, should be.
Mezigis 6 months ago
Ok, now that's just freaky. There's no way you could know that.
Akigrel 6 months ago
The motivation which lies behind OPs like this is really desperately sad. How many times have we seen the same tired lines trotted out? And the motive is quite clear - hatred of religion and despisal of God - and the result is a miserable exhibition of bitterness. Once, just once, I'd like to see someone post an OP like this who was genuinely looking for answers, genuinely enquiring after truth, instead of satisfying their compulsion to show their contempt for God, and in doing so revealing their entire ignorance of Him and His word. I have no objection whatsoever to people asking questions about the Bible - the more difficult, the better - but only if they actually want answers. The original poster clearly doesn't, and neither do most of the CMs here.
Ketaxe 5 months ago
Amazing advice everyone! You thought of things I didn?t consider. Thank you so much !!!!
Vigar 5 months ago
And yet, American history remains unchanged.
Vigore 5 months ago
A Country with no Borders is literally
Ararisar 5 months ago
Ah, then I misunderstood; your post was somewhat vague. There's currently a ballot initiative to split California into three states. And yes, that is a fantasy. But opposing ideas in a single state are hardly unique to California. Pennsylvania springs immediately to mind, as do Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin...the list goes on and on. So either you're not paying attention or you are, but are looking for some cheap entertainment by trying to troll me with the whole 'Californias are split on ideas!' thing because you're aware of where I live. Either way, it's a digression from the actual subject, which for some reason you don't seem to want to talk about.
Vora 5 months ago
You can hear and feel the wind. The wind is explained scientifically and it can be simulated.
Nikojin 5 months ago
Says the RUDY bot.
Zulkicage 5 months ago
There's a large difference between more minor crimes such dealing drugs versus cold blooded murder that was planned out (as was the case here had one of the victims perished). A child may not think he's hurting anyone by dealing drugs so he thinks its okay and other people he knows perhaps have influenced him to do it by engaging in that activity themselves. But planning out a cold blooded murder in a fashion like this something different entirely. Even at that young age, you know its horrifically wrong.
Kizragore 5 months ago
"The divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for absurdity. Nowhere in the Gospels do we find a precept for Creeds, Confessions, Oaths, Doctrines, and whole cartloads of other foolish trumpery that we find in Christianity.?
Kishakar 4 months ago
Show me some sources hon.
Bale 4 months ago
you leftwingnuts are a mean vicious vindictive bunch
Moogulrajas 4 months ago
Now; the question becomes: Is empathy 'objective'?
Kigarn 4 months ago
Experts on what holy books say right, can't even understand thier peers.
Zolorr 4 months ago
At this point CNN is basically the Enquirer that only targets Republicans
Asian businessman of the year


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