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"i am well aware of theory as well, you don't generally study the history of a religion without studying the religion itself."

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Bill berry wife bikini
Bill berry wife bikini

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Tagul 8 months ago
Could be a few even in the furniture still in the plastic wrap. I would do it if I worked in that factory...
Malanris 7 months ago
Don't need this on this channel. Ciao Beans.
JoJokasa 7 months ago
Can you name one example?
Tojaramar 7 months ago
the ndp will increase the PST, FOR SURE.
Dobar 7 months ago
HE? Which he? If all is one it started with IT then became he/she/something else. Basal assumptions
Dit 7 months ago
Did he? Or is that someone else putting words in his mouth?
Gardabar 7 months ago
He also found out *gasp!* that the world is not flat, it's SPHERICAL !!!!!!!!!
Gajora 6 months ago
All of rational thought, and all of virtue, come from Him alone.
Fenrizshura 6 months ago
So was I.
Akizuru 6 months ago
Tell that to Kennedy.
Zulkill 6 months ago
Isnt that about 2/3rds of the Sun on the whole?
Maurg 6 months ago
I have to say it's really difficult for me to wrap my brain around your thought processes. I guess you have decided to blame God for every bad thing on earth. And you have decided to ignore every bad thing that man has done both to this Earth and to their own bodies. That simply puts us on different planets as far as our discussions go. I have given you a clear and precise explanations for these types of genetic anomalies, even science supports what I'm saying. But you're so full of hate you can't see these factual explanations.
Mot 6 months ago
Merely pointing out that the stories existed, not making a judgment on their accuracy or reliability.
Zugore 5 months ago
They can certainly call themselves thus, and they do indeed act as a church. Fine. But they also misbehave and drive people away from the faith. I also would NOT say that a Jihadist is not a Muslim, however I think that most of that faith don't like what they are doing. Same thing here.
Dazahn 5 months ago
Galkree 5 months ago
I guess its not suppose to be a ritual, but in remembrance..that's new testament literally, new covenant symbolism.
Mazura 5 months ago
Oh. My error. Sorry.
Tucage 5 months ago
you mentioned the magic word,, now gracies on a rampage,, looking for inseams to crawl up and rip off genitalia..
Milkree 5 months ago
It really is a shame that some Christians attempt use the Bible as a weapon against what they do not care to understand.
Zulkizragore 5 months ago
I'm doing the research on the next alternate history (About 525 to 725). I think "Without Christianity, would there be Islam?" will obviously be a key part of that hypothetical.
Douzshura 4 months ago
Yeah, that became more evident the more I read through the threads here. (It wasn't as clear to me from your original post.) Appreciate the clarification.
Aranos 4 months ago
now now, name-calling is not allowed. You new here?
Akizilkree 4 months ago
Give me one example.
Faetilar 4 months ago
This has been covered
Dait 4 months ago
Said America's First Black President who actually is bi-racial.
Aragore 3 months ago
you did have a great holiday
Dor 3 months ago
Tuesday, going with taco.
Fetilar 3 months ago
I hear them mubling "for shame" as they amble off.
Arashijin 3 months ago
Bring a better argument then. Christianity isn't much better and nothing can be demonstrated as anything more than correlation. So sorry if you continue to find your position isn't at all convincing. Its your argument- not mine.
Gardashakar 2 months ago
No, you seem to be in the woods. Look up this article and then do some further research, I am not your teacher and don;t have time to teach you basics.
Fenrizahn 2 months ago
Exactly. That's why they're considering making the age 18.
Kajigis 2 months ago
We were buying the series DVD's as they came out season by season! All my kids loved that show.
Bill berry wife bikini


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